Extending military action against ISIL

For the second time in four days the Prime Minister came to the Commons yesterday to make a statement about the security of our Country. He believes that we should extend the action we are already taking against ISIL in Iraq into Syria. ISIL do not take any note of this border and our allies our already taking action against ISIL in Syria. I believe we should extend our action. It is not right to leave it up to our allies to take action alone in Syria. I am concerned that we do not extend our action beyond attacking ISIL and so I will wait to see the motion before coming to a final decision, but I am minded to vote in favour when we are asked to decide in a few days time.

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One thought on “Extending military action against ISIL

  1. This is a knee-jerk reaction to the Paris attacks. Nothing more.

    We first need to decide who we are fighting in Syria and what the preferred outcome would be. We can’t be anti-ISIS and anti-Assad. Especially as Russia is anti-ISIS and pro-Assad.

    Lastly, our armed forces have been decimated by cuts. We simply don’t have an inexhaustible supply of aircraft to extend the mission. We are stretching the (six?) Tornadoes at Akrotiri to their limits already – how can we extend the campaign?

    Perhaps we should be debating why we scrapped perfectly serviceable aircraft carriers and Harrier jets…?

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