Northern Powerhouse

I noted a report on the BBC this week that a ComRes poll they had commissioned had found that whilst 46% of people understood what the Northern Powerhouse strategy was 44% had not heard of it and a further 20% had heard of it but did not know anything about it.

In the Business of the House Question yesterday I asked the Leader of the House if we could therefore have a debate to raise awareness of this issue. In the process raising awareness by simply asking the question!

In the afternoon we had an excellent three hour debate on International Men’s Day mainly focused on the issue of the number of male suicides but covering other issues too. As luck would have it the debate was responded too by our former Bury North MP now the Care Minister in the Department of Health the Rt Hon.Alistair Burt MP. Many thanks to all those who have contacted me to thank me for taking part in the debate.


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