Monday 16 November

As the Prime Minister seeks to secure a solution to the problems of Syria at the meeting of leaders of the World’s largest countries , the G20, business in the House of Commons today starts with questions to the Home Office. Whilst the questions set down on the order paper were written and balloted for several days ago I am sure the consequences of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night will be raised. After the tabled questions there are 15 minutes of topical questions when anything can be raised so there will certainly be an opportunity then.
The first of the two main items of business for debate is the means of selecting the UK delegation to the Council of Europe. The issue is whether Parliament should have the final say or whether the Prime Minister should be able to decide on which representatives are sent.
The second debate is on the divided island of Cyprus and in particular the plight of the residents of Famagusta.
Other urgent business may well be added to the agenda before the main business gets underway.

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