Nuisance Calls and Texts Task Force

Yesterday evening I attended the launch of the Report from the Nuisance Calls and Texts Task Force on Consent and Lead Generation which was convened by Which? (the consumers organisation).

I have become increasingly concerned about the number of complaints I receive from people who are upset at the number of unwanted marketing calls they receive. I entirely support the ability of businesses to be able to contact people by telephone but individuals should be able to opt out of receiving these calls. There is no easy answer to this problem and both Parliament and Government has been looking at it for some time

The Task Force was established at the Request of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in March of this year. The Report contains a number of recommendations for businesses, trade bodies and regulators. More information can be found here

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    1. I entirely agree we don’t need more rules, regulations and layers of Government but it would help if the ones there worked better. Not everyone wants to pay for the truecall solution and as I understand it you need to programme it with every number you want to allow through. There may be some who you would want to hear from who would not be unwanted but who would be blocked by this device.

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