Justice and Home Affairs Opt Ins

Today in the House of Commons was being billed as the big debate and vote as to whether the UK should opt back in to various bits of EU law which we have no obligation to do under the Home Affairs and Justice part of the EU.

The most high profile of these is the European Arrest Warrant – the EAW. However, in a telling example of the Alice in Wonderland world in which EU matters are considered the debate was actually on an obscure new Statutory Instrument (SI) which actually made no reference to the EAW. The effect of the SI is to transpose into UK law several of the measures which apparently were so vital to the national interest that we have to opt back in to them. So vital that is that we had not yet even bothered to incorporate them into UK law.

The debate was mired in procedural confusion and although at the end of a curtailed debate the SI was approved I doubt we have heard the last of it. These are major matters concerning the liberty of British subjects and whether the UK should hand control of such matters over to the EU and crucially to the judges of the European Court of Justice. My view is that the UK should keep control of our own criminal justice system.

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3 thoughts on “Justice and Home Affairs Opt Ins

  1. Very good. What do you lot do down there? Talk about making a Pigs ear of it.Still we are all in this together aren’t we – ohh that is apart from you lot who gave yourselves a £10,000 a year pay rise to £72,000 whilst freezing all other public sector workers at nowt.
    By the way did you know that the EU where about to ask for £1.7bn next month? If yes why didn’t you tell us (your the accountant by profession) Ohh and a reduction to £850 miliion is’nt a victory it’s several thousands of nurses we can’t pay for!!
    Then you wonder why UKIP are on the rise. If I where you I’d jump ship (to UKIP). At worse case next year you’ll get your pension anyway. Beside you have a depth of principle some where in you that will help bring balance to them. Good Luck.

    1. Just to correct a couple of errors:
      1. MP’s have not given ourselves a £10,000 a year pay rise. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority sets MP’s pay and in the five years of this Parliament the increases have been zero, zero, zero, 1% and 1%
      2. I practised as a Solicitor not an Accountant.


      1. Apologies. I knew that you had a profession of some sorts. I still think you have principles as well, i follow your voting pattern. I’m also right in the fact that you (collectively) took yourselves – MP’s (I know you didn’t want it — but hey ho never look a gift horse in the mouth) a very large pay rise when an independent authority said you deserved it. They said the same for nurses I seem to recollect and that did’t happen. The EU still want £850 MILLION from US (the taxpayers- yes you too) for being successful.
        Let’s try immigration next Mr Cameron said he’d reduce it to “10,000 of thousands” — “no if’s or but’s” your boss said. That’s one that’s going to haunt you I think as well.

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