Jury Service

I have just spent the last couple of weeks on jury service. I had never been selected before although Sue ( my wife was selected a couple of years ago so she had given me a bit of briefing). I had to report to Lancaster Crown Court. Originally 19 jurors were there then 3 were allowed to go.  There is quite a bit of waiting to do as cases which are not trials are dealt with. Lancaster Crown Court is situated in the old Lancaster Castle and is the oldest Court in the Country. It is a great location.

12 jurors are randomly selected for each trial and my name was drawn out both times. When Sue went she missed out and never got to sit on a jury. Jurors are warned not to discuss the cases and I am therefore not going to make any comment at all about the two cases I sat on. I will say all the other jurors were a great group of people from all walks of life and it is difficult to think of a better system for determining the disputed facts of a criminal case.

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