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Lord Lamont and David Campbell Bannerman MEP
Lord Lamont and David Campbell Bannerman MEP

My final engagement today was to call in on the launch of a new book by David Campbell Bannerman MEP. The book sets out a positive vision of what life could be like for Britain outside of the EU. After an introduction from my fellow Better Off Out member Peter Bone MP and a few words from the author there was a speech by the Rt Hon Lord Lamont former Chancellor of the Exchequer who wrote the foreword. he set out why he believes the fears business have about life outside the EU are completely misplaced.

Once businessmen realise that the EU will not close their markets to us (principally because they sell more to us than we buy from them!) they will soon want to increase their investment in the UK as they will be able to benefit from access to the EU just as they can now without having to comply with rules and regulations that they do not have to comply with elsewhere in the World.

The book can be purchased from this direct Amazon link here

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