Protecting Our Children Online

Back in July, David Cameron said that he wanted to do more to protect children online.

In the summer, the Conservative-led Government took some important steps to help parents.  Internet service providers (ISP’s) agreed to introduce family friendly filters, which are installed automatically in the home unless a parent chooses otherwise, and stop children from looking at inappropriate material online.

But when it came to stopping people accessing child abuse images and videos through internet searches, the search engine companies said that nothing could be done.

The Conservatives refused to accept that.

Over the past few months the Government has worked closely with Google and Microsoft – and we’ve made important progress.

Today they have set out a number of measures to block child abuse images and videos. No illegal child abuse material will be returned for 100,000 search terms.

This is encouraging – but if the internet companies don’t continue to make progress as a Government, we will not hesitate to take further action. We will do all that’s necessary to protect our children.

Please visit for more details and to sign our online petition.

Published by David Nuttall

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3 thoughts on “Protecting Our Children Online

  1. Obviously you have forgotten the usual proviso of “as long as it doesn’t cost too much”. Remind me how much we are spending on what was CHEOPS.

  2. Ban and control, ban and control, ban and control…

    I thought this government was going to be different to the last – you are not only the same but worse…

    While the country faces terrible economic problems all you can do is try to control even more aspects of everybody’s lives… Stuff that was not in your manifesto and nobody voted for….

    It is NO BUSINESS of government to control what we watch, read, eat, drink or otherwise do with our bodies…

    It is NO BUSINESS of government to control what our children can or cannot see – that’ll be the parents responsibility…

    You struggle with a huge deficit while desiring ever more control over us which requires ever bigger government…

    Look forward to the opposition benches in 2015.

  3. Hi David, I note on your website that the tories are, and have been for sometime, saying that Labour will tax families taking holidays in the UK which will hit poorer families hardest so do you agree with the tory Free enterprise group that vat should be put on books, childrens clothing and FOOD and vat put up to 15% on fuel which would hit families at least 20 times harder than a holiday tax. I hope you can take the time to give the people of Bury the answer to my brief post, something you did not do to the post regarding the bedroom tax, I know you voted for the bedroom tax to stay but my fellow voters do not, but they do now. Alan

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