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Hot off the press are this months latest unemployment figures which show that this month there has been a slight fall in the number of unemployed in Bury North to 2064. This number has been remarkably static for several years and in fact out of interest I looked back to see what the corresponding figure was for April 2010 which was the first time I was sent the figures after the 2010 general election. In that month there were 2136 unemployed. As a percentage of the all those economically active there has been a fall from 5.2% to 4.7%.

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  1. As a follow up to Alan I would like to point out some things that you could do as a Government that may lead me to vote for your party at the next election.
    1) Return our law making back to Great Britain. Stop them, over in Europe, deciding what we have to do. We are a free country & this Germapean lot should go & do one.
    2) We need to tax goods coming into the country to balance the costs of Health & safety etc. I would also like to know how a country such as China gets away with selling us things at a price lower than it costs buy the raw materials.
    3) Reduce the wages of Footballers around the world to a maximum of £50k —– Per Year. They are low skilled part timers who just kick a ball around a piece of grass. Do the same to TV presenters.
    4) Tax any company that makes money from Great Britain at 20% of all profits made here.
    5) Make sure that anyone who is paid in Great Britain pays their due tax. Stop Tax avoidance.
    6) Increase our Forces to the equivalent percentage of population to what we had during the Falklands War. This includes the Police.
    7) Become more green. Lets have jobs, Hospitals, Schools, Shops, Offices, Doctors, Factories etc etc closer to homes so people can walk or at least just drive a short distance. We did this when I started work in the 70’s & there was very few cars on the road compared to now. People were also fitter and less people needed to use the NHS because of this. If we just halved the number of miles people drive to work just think of how many tons carbon emissions we could save.
    8) Ban people from walking around with their face covered such as a burka. I can understand having a helmet on whilst riding a motorbike but once off it they should remove it. Some over in europe have it correct on this one. Some asian people are grooming us to get used to them wearing this type of covering which could cause problems in the future with bombers.

    9) Build a road from Walmersley to Brandlesholme to Tottington. This was planned in the 40’s / 50’s and is why Garside Hey Road is so wide. This has been desperately needed since the 1970’s that I have known.
    10) Form a new NHS Trust. Bury and Rossendale NHS trust would cover the black hole that the other ones have made.
    11) Return Lancashire to it’s former glory. Get rid of the fictitious places Greater Manchester, Merseyside & South Cumbria, they are ALL Lancashire. Warrington is also part of Lancashire NOT Cheshire. I feel sorry for Cheshire as the BBC have done away with them on their website ! We need to correct wikidpedia on this too, I have been banned by them because I wanted to tell them that our address is Lancashire & NOT Greater Manc-Chester. It always will be !!

    There’s more but that will do for now !


    Les Nuttall (No relation at all)

  2. What’s up Mr Nuttall , afraid to print my comment posted the same day as yours?

    1. Sorry Alan, passed it through now ( I am sure you won’t believe me but I can assure you there was no deliberate intention to hold it up.) Anyway posted now.


      1. Apology accepted David, but there has not been any comment re my last two posts as to whether I posted facts or untruths. I, along with your other posters would argue there is no point in having a blog which you can give your views and very selective ” facts” unless people can also give their views and challenge you on them. I have not posted any figures on here that cannot be backed up by BBC broadcast evidence or records from Hansard, indeed you were challenged by one of your other posters as to whether I posted facts or not but you dismissed him out of hand, what are you scared of, are you frightened that you cannot deny them which would mean it is you who gives out, let us say, not quite the plain facts, but tries to paint a glossy picture of the economy which anyone with half a brain knows is a lie perpetrated by your party. I think you should have the decency, or the guts, to reply to your posters or failing that shut your blog down as it serves no purpose other than to tell us about your dog or your photo shoots, neither of which the voters give a hoot about. As I have said before on here where have all your supporters gone, they seem to be very thin on the ground since you were elected but they will be even thinner come the election because they will have, at last, come to realise what I said just before the last election re the poorest and the sick and the unemployed will be the hardest hit under this government, a government which is the worst in living memory, even worse than thatcher, heath and major and that is saying something. Can a leopard change its spots, alas in your case, not a hope in hell, bring on the election say I.

  3. Mr Nuttall, You are very quick to comment on a very slight downfall in the unemployment figures but you NEVER comment when they go up, i.e. 5,000 and 70,000 previous increases and a miserly 5,000 decrease today. Your useless PM continues to tell lies but you never put anything on your blog about it. Unemployment figures are higher now than when your party took office, Fact, incomes are down, Fact, borrowing is billions higher than forecast, Fact, vat is at a record level, Fact, hospital A&E waiting times the highest for 9 years, Fact, growth lower than when you took office, Fact, I could go on but I think the voters of Bury have got the message and they will let you know in no uncertain terms come the next election. You stated in a previous reply to a recent comment by me that you disagreed with my comments which one of your posters said was factual but you said you were not going to comment on the truth posted by me, if you think my comments were untrue i.e. lies then have the guts to say so. The PM said in PMQs on Wednesday the 5th of June there were 5,700 more Doctors, 25% of walk-in centres closed but then he said there were more than 6,000 more Doctors, a jump of 300 Doctors in 5 minutes. Let us examine those figures, firstly not one Doctor has been trained under this government, and before I go any further the PM said 2 years ago there were 4,000 more Doctors under this government, it takes years to train a Doctor not one year or even 3 years as he stated last week, yet another twist of the facts or as most people would say, a blatant lie, now tell me my FACTS are wrong or have the guts to say I was telling the truth, something you and useless Cameron don’t know the meaning of the word. Getting back to the employment figures I will give you a forecast, I say the unemployed figure will go down, how about that for looking into the future, but hey! wait a minute, they always go down from April onwards due entirely to the warmer weather and the construction industry getting into full swing, silly me. Let’s have a bit more honesty from you and the PM but I won’t hold my breath because neither of you know the meaning of the word. I would like to remind you, and others who contribute to your blog, that I only put facts in my posts and they are obtained from Hansard and, more importantly from PMQs and hours and hours of taped House of Commons broadcasts so please do not treat me as a mug. Mr Nuttall for the benefit of the people who post on your blog I am sure you can explain the libel laws in this country and to put it in a nutshell one cannot be sued for libel if a fact is correct, If I am wrong, and I have challenged you before on this, maybe you could explain to us all if I am right or wrong, your reply, if any, will be interesting.

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