Queen’s Speech Week


After a short recess taking in this years local elections Wednesday saw the State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech which whilst read out by Her Majesty the Queen it is of course written by the Government. It sets out the list of Bills the Government will bring forward in the next legislative session.

This year the Queen’s Speech was all about backing people who work hard and want to get on in life.

The Government has already made much progress in fixing our broken economy, reducing the deficit by a third and rebalancing the economy away from the public sector with the creation of one and a quarter million new private sector jobs.

The proposed new legislation will further boost the economy and help businesses create more jobs.

The National Insurance Contributions Bill will cut the cost of recruiting new employees. By introducing what will effectively be a nil rate band for National insurance Contributions of £2,000 every business and charity which employs people will be better off.

A new Deregulation Bill will reduce burdens on businesses and tidy up the statute book by repealing legislation no longer of practical use.

Other new Bills will cover pensions, care costs, anti-social behaviour and offender rehabilitation. Despite what some have suggested there will be plenty of legislation to consider in the months ahead.

An Immigration Bill will stop immigrants accessing public services they are not entitled to and make it easier to remove people from the UK who should not be here.

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2 thoughts on “Queen’s Speech Week

  1. Could have done with some urgent unilateral legislation on foreign owned companies’ tax avoidance to be going on with. How much tax will be lost to us whilst DC tries to work it out internationally. A simple ‘licence to operate’ charge based on turnover (with a broad definitiion HMRC could be use as a catch all to grab a fair figure), drawn from a deduced formula from sector averages would at least give HMRC some teeth in dealing with these companies. It works for VAT where special and varied flat rates apply to certain sectors. It may appear inequitable but it would go some way to demonstating the UK aren’t going to continue to be mugs with our facilitating trade whilst wealth is shipped off to foreign domiciles.

  2. David,

    Really? “This year the Queen’s Speech was all about backing people who work hard and want to get on in life.”, wouldn’t that cover the majority of immigrants, illegal or otherwise?

    “reducing the deficit by a third ” if we had had any economic growth at all the deficit would be much closer to the structural level.

    Thatcherites such as yourself never admit that prior to her “rescuing” the country it was growing at 3% per annum on average, since 1980 it has grown at 2.2% and nearly all the procedes of that growth has gone into raising the living standards of the wealthiest sections of our society.

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