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As I say every year the true value of a budget is often not ascertained until sometime after the budget has been delivered. It is understandable that in an era of 24 hour news snap judgements and analysis are demanded by news outlets and there is no shortage of commentators willing to give such judgements.

What is clear from this budget is that Britain is on the road to recovery. Yes, it is a long road and yes, progress is slower than everyone would like but nevertheless we are still on the road to recovery. This budget will not make a dramatic difference to the pace of recovery but it will, I believe, underpin the recovery and help build confidence in our economy which is the one thing above all else which we need.

Businesses need confidence to invest and continue to recruit more new employees. By continuing to reduce the rate of corporation tax down to a single rate of 20% and by cutting Employers National Insurance Contributions by £2,000 plus a raft of other measures businesses will know that Government is on their side. For every job lost in the public sector six have been created in the private sector as the economy starts to re-balance. The measures in the budget will hopefully help this trend to continue.

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  1. How can we be improving yet last night on the radio there was news talks about us hitting a 3rd recession, a triple dip was the term used?

  2. The arrogance of osborn knows no bounds if he, and you, think the public will accept this nonsence and that we are on ‘the way to recovery’, i have never heard such garbage in all my life. All the facts contradict osborn and cameron so let’s see why the both of them are telling lies. Firstly the job numbers, he conveiniently ‘forgot’ to mention on budget day that the number of people out of work had risen by 7,000 also the numbers of jobs created goes up and down to suit his argument and people like you believe him, firstly it was 1million then on budget day it had climbed to one and a quarter million but he fails to say that over two hundred thousand are jobs moved from public sector to greedy, tory contributor companies out to make a killing on the backs of the taxpayer just like the greedy health care providers. Of the other 800,000 so called ‘new’ jobs the fact is that number is concocted by the tories who again fail to give accurate figures re the number of people who do 2 and sometimes 3 jobs just to make ends meet and most of the rest are part time jobs. I ask the people of Bury to consider this question, where have these mistery people come from because if, as he says there are one and a quarter million people taking up these fantasy jobs why has the unemployment figure gone up, even Paul Daniels couldn’t conjure that one up. Now another lie, don’t worry there are plenty more lies to deal with, what about the pension rise cameron prattles on about being the best pensioners have ever received i.e 5.3per cent which was the rate of inflation used to determine the pension increase, remind me who is in power and created the high inflation rate, you guessed it. The big lie about petrol prices again seems to be a case of selective memory, who was it who introduced the petrol price escalator and who was it who increased vat after saying they would not increase vat, i told you there were plenty more lies, and the tories are the ONLY party to increase vat, a tax introduced by the EU who we DID NOT vote for. Figures from the statistic office refute the governments hospital waiting times, the holy grail of the triple a rating has gone, a treble dip recession is highly likely,more money is being borrowed than ever before the defecit is going up not down even though cameron, clegg and osborn all said the defecit would be cleared by 2015, how many more lies are the people of this country expected to swallow. All the schemes dreamt up to improve the economy have failed, lending money to the crooked bankers who are supposed to lend it to busnesses and home buyers has failed miserably, the numbers of ‘apprentices’ is a con, since when has a bar job been classed as a skilled job or a cafe assistant and thousands of other jobs like office assistants, an apprentiship takes years to to learn like building trade workers, engineers, gas , electrical, joiners, motor mechanics and others too numerous to mention but NOT the ones mentioned earlier, the toties have hijacked the word ‘apprentice’ to make people think more people ae being trained, utter nonsence. I am sure most people will remember my warning of what would happen if this stupid, arrogant, toffee nosed don’t give a damn party got into power and i am affraid to say everthing i said has come true. This budget does nothing for the working class people, but hey, did you expect anything else, let’s have an election now and we will see what the British people think of liars because that is what the tories and lib dems have been proved to be, remember the student fees, vat increase the bedroom tax the council rates increase brought about by this dispicable government cutting the money to local councils and then blaming the councils for putting up the rates, enough is enough lets get rid of this shower A.S.A.P.

  3. I was very pleased to see a continued commitment to the aid budget from the coalition

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