Happy New Year

As 2013 dawns I wish all visitors to my humble blog a happy healthy and peaceful 2013. Hopefully it will also be a prosperous one too despite the difficult national economic circumstances as the Government continues to ensure our Country can start to live within its means again.

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. David Nuttall MP: ” One thing that I heard time and again from my constituents in the last election campaign was that they were sick and tired of the number of people taking a lifestyle choice to live a life on benefits, as my hon. Friend the Member for Shipley (Philip Davies) has mentioned.”

    So what are you saying Mr Nuttall… was it your constituents that told you porkies about disabled people making a life choice to be disabled and unable to work because or their disabilities, or was it your friend the honorable member of Shipley Philip Davis that told you these porkies, because your statement above, which I’ve copied to my files, is totally contradictory to itself in just one sentence, which begs the question of why you would make such a contradictory statement publicly, because by making this statement, it wholly undermines the trust that REAL disabled persons like myself would have in you as a member of Parliament, and any other MP for that matter!
    Now we have the Government Party row concerning how much the rate’s of benefits have gone up over the past several year’s since 2005, which I neither agree with any party, simply because I was made disabled in 2001, and from my own records can quite categorically state that my Income Support increased by less than £20 a week in over 10 years, marginally lower than the increase in wages which was £4.10 an hour/$164.00 P/w in October 2001, and £6.08 per hour/£243.20 P/week in 20011-12, which is significantly higher than Income Support rates were in the same years which in October 2001 the rate was £98.20, and in 2011-12 was £106.70, and also taxed, which every MP fails to inform the press of! So where does the like’s of such MP’s like Esther McVey MP and other MP’s besides on both side’s of the House get their figures from to claim that people on benefits get more money than the average workers get, because that’s a heap of hyped up beyond the facts full of Government lies also!

  2. David Nuttall MP: “The changes will still mean that the most needy in our society will be looked after. There will still be a safety net that will help those who most need help in our society.”

    Well, if you do publish my previous comment, then how come there’s no safety net for disabaled people like me then Mr Nuttall?

    1. Hi,

      Thank-you for your comments. As you will appreciate I cannot comment on individual cases without knowing all the facts so if you wish to email me with your contact details I can arrange for you to discuss your situation at surgery.

      Yours sincerely,
      David Nuttall MP

      1. I already have a solicitor working on my appeal against Atos Healthcare’s fantasy report., and I’ve already had experience of MP’s surgeries in the past, which resulted in total denial that I’d even walked through their door, so thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

        The Government says that the reason for contracting Atos Healthcare is to siphon out the fraudulent benefit claims, but if that were true, then how come the Government didn’t assess the DWP employee’s for NOT detecting fraudulent claims in the first place, it only takes a couple of minutes to ask the claimants to provide medical evidence or to check if medical evidence was supplied by the claimant via the DLA, and similarly to find those employee’s that havnt the intelligence to do their job! Also, according to David Cameron, he wants to get rid of Government quango contracts, so why is Atos Healthcare exempt from this, because according to their statements, only 3% of medical assessments are overturned by the claimants appeal cases, but according to Government figures and the last report in Oct 2012, it’s more like 46% of claim’s that are overturned following Atos Healthcare assessments, and this is costing the tax payers well over £100milion a year in fake and fraudulent reports by Atos Healthcare, which subsequently is breach of their contractual conditions!

        Now I can be added to the rest of the 46% of honest disabled persons that have had their benefits stopped with fake reports by Atos Healthcare Medical Professionals that lie and steal REAL disabled persons benefits to plug the Governments hole in their deficit mistakes and wait for the nice black coach with no windows to come and take me for a day out and take me to have my hair washed in the gas chambers under the Governments New Action T4 program now that I’ve got no money to rent my council home, pay the council tax, pay for my gas, water and electricity, because according to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces they wont employ me because of my disability, the Governments civil services wont employ me because of my disability, and Atos Healthcare can get away with Disabled Discrimination under the Governments contract!
        It’s true what the rest of the world say’s about this country, you have to be a liar, deceiver and evil minded to get a life here, so no wonder so many honest disabled people, over 1000 of them, have died or committed suicide as a direct result of the Government contract with Atos Healthcare to do the DWP’s job that they couldn’t do themselves!

  3. David Nuttall MP: ” One thing that I heard time and again from my constituents in the last election campaign was that they were sick and tired of the number of people taking a lifestyle choice to live a life on benefits, as my hon. Friend the Member for Shipley (Philip Davies) has mentioned.”

    So instead of overhauling the DWP benefits system employees with people that cant detect fraudulent claims fro benefits, you decide to contract ATOS Healthcare to discriminate against real disabled people such as myself, whom was assessed by ATOS Healthcare in November 2012, they deliberately lied on their report and even made up false allegations by way of stating on their report “I suggest” which is wholly phantasm, and refused to aknolwedge medical evidance. Alos on ATOS Healthcare’s medical assessment report, they denied I have spinal injuries, pelvic injuries, a hernia, sciatic nerve dysfunctions, manual dexterity nerve functions degradation, I can’t walk more than 20 feet, can’t push my own wheelchair, can’rt even get it in or out of my Motorbility car to use it, have spinal Osteoarthritis, and then the ATIOS medical assessment professional stated on their assessment report that I’m fit for work and stopped my benefits with DWP who stated on their letter “Because you are severely disabled, you are NOT entitled to ESA or any other benefit”, JobcentrePlus said they can’t consider me for JSA because I’m too severely disabled, and now I’ve had my Housing benefit stopped via ATOS Healthcare’s fake medical assessment report… so what do you suggest I should do now Mr Nuttall, wait for the train with no windows to take me to the gas chamber in your Governments New Action T4 program, cause that’s the way it is for disabled people like me!

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