Blue Collar Conservatism

I am delighted to have been asked to join the Advisory Board of a new think tank  called Blue Collar Conservatism.

Blue Collar Conservatism is a forum to explore policies and ideas to increase Conservative support amongst blue collar voters and to help secure an overall majority in 2015. It aims to transform this into long term support and attract additional blue collar and aspirational voters.

As someone who came from what was a typically Northern working class background I firmly believe that there are many misconceptions about the Conservative  Party only been for the rich and well off. I believe that nothing could be further from the truth. The Conservative Party is at its best when it is setting out a clear vision how people can improve their position through hard work with the Government taking less of their hard earned money.

More information about Blue Collar Conservatism can be found at

Published by David Nuttall

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2 thoughts on “Blue Collar Conservatism

  1. Mr Nuttall,
    Why do we have to split people up into white collar, blue collar or whetever you like? We are really all the same.
    I am old enough to rememeber decent Consevatives, R.A.Butler, Harold MacMillan, and others, however we now have the inherited “rich Eton Boys” governing us. They have no Idea what concern the rest of of us”. Blue collar Conservatism” is just trying to to draw us into your selfish behaviour. As for aspirational, we can all be that, you don’t have to be part of the selfish minority, we can all do that, without being selfish.


  2. Interesting! I met Mr Cameron at the Sky leadership debates. The person that struck me ‘in the flesh’ as the most connected to the audience (via his body language) was Gordon Brown. Mr Clegg was excellent but ‘gave it away’ to us in the audience when the cameras where not on him. BUT Mr Cameron was without doubt the most proficient debater. I went with Mr Cameron. I’m unsure this time!! Ergo take that to your ‘committee’

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