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I am not slow to offer constructive criticism of my Party Leadership if I think they are going down to wrong route on a particular issue but I thought the PM’s speech yesterday summed up for me why I and millions of others suppor the Conservative Party. He set out in simple clear terms why it is that in order to help the poorest in Society you have to more than simply tax the already rich and wealthy and give their money to those who have less. Of course we as a Society have to provide for those who need help but welfare must not become a way of life. A lifestyle choice as some have called it.

Of course those who believe in Socialism will howl with objections but the fact is that more taxing and yet more borrowing can not be the answer to Britain’s problems. We need to compete on the World stage. It is this need to compete on the World stage which is why I believe we would be better off outside of the European Union (something Mr Cameron has yet to catch up with me on!).  Taxing our entrepreneurs and risk takers will simply drive them away. If we are to have good quality public services we need as many high earners in the Country as possible!

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  1. It is interesting to see the true colours coming out in this and the RBS post!
    If you are this euro-sceptic please will you stand under the UKIP banner next election, so that voters are under no illusion about your allegiances/ intentions!

    1. Hi,
      An increasing number of Conservative MP’s are reaching the same conclusion namely that we would be better off out of the EU. I note even Michael Gove is now saying if there was an in/out referendum he would vote to leave. The latest YouGov opinion poll for the Sunday Times showed 48% of respondents saying they would vote to leave the EU with only 32% wanting to stay in. Clearly the 48% are not all UKIP supporters (although obviously some will be!) so it follows that there are millions and millions of voters from other parties who share my view that we would be better off if we left the EU.

  2. Well said, David. Cameron was plausible, though, I too, could not agree with everything he said. Conversely, Miliband was his usual , offensive, sanctimonious self.

  3. Les, if we all started a business there would be nobody to employ. I was a hgv driver for 44 years and if all drivers did as you suggest we would be working for peanuts, as a lot of one man bands have been doing and are still doing to this day because every driver would have been undercutting every other driver, that’s called competition. I would go back on the road tomorrow if i was able even though i am 68 years old, sure beats sitting at home. I hope you will read my full comments on the PMs speech, such as it was, and you may agree or disagree with what i have to say but one thing my comments will be about is the truth, something this tory led coalition knows nowt about.

  4. @Alan Barber, One of the problems with many working people (including myself for most of my life) is they expect other people to provide them with jobs.

    We need to start our own businesses & bring the country back onto it’s feet. We can’t just keep applying for jobs, we have to make them. We need a Government that sets the best climate so we can do this.

    Wish I had thought this way thirty years ago !

  5. A more detailed reply will follow but if you look at the BBC Politics on the right you will be hard pressed to say your pathetic prime minister gives a damn about the people of this country. Child benefit cut letters ‘soon’, councils calling for planning u-turn, and why not because he is a master at those and £50m for a wwi centenary, where the hell is this money coming from, i’ll tell you, from child benefit cuts as stated above. Mr Nuttall you and your pathetic leader really do live on a different planet and it is about time we had a election to get rid of this bunch of toffs. As stated i will reply in full to your comments on the speech when i have watched it again, because i taped it, and i have reffered to my notes taken at the time, i hope people will read my comments and take note because the tories are out to grind down the working people of this country, stand by your beds.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I am amazed I thought you would be full of praise for the PM’s speech. Ah well I am impressed you are keen to watch it again.

      Best wishes,

      1. David, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and does not become someone like you who is SUPPOSED to be inteligent, oh well another myth blown.

  6. Mr Nuttall,
    Whilst I appreciate your comments, I have listen to all three leaders end of conference speeches, with some degree of interest they all seem to have the same reoccurring theme. We need to listen more to the people, we understand your pain, we are all in this together (by far the funnest one). It’s the economy, getting the right people to do the right job (Jobs for the boys). Its safe with us. etc. etc. To my mind it is all hot air and waffle, nothing changes. You produce a manifesto then ignore most of it, not just your party all parties. Politicians off all stripes along with the bankers and various others got us into this mess, now get us out of it. My household income has dropped by almost £10,000 in the last year, combine this with increasing petrol prices increasing food prices and we are struggling to cope. I will accept we are all in this together when I see you, Mr Cameron and Mr Milliband shopping in Aldi.

  7. Dear David,
    I agree with some things the PM said but I agree with different things from all the Political parties.
    My problem at the moment is that I am on ESA after a back injury over twelve months ago. I cannot do the job I am in but I am unable to get another job at the present even though my back is on the mend.
    I train at the gym for 2 1/2 hours, 5 days per week but due to the injury & lack of movement for a year I am still a too weak to do the Engineer jobs I have done all my working life.
    Every position I apply for, the company turns me down due to the injury.
    I thought of going self employed but due to five redundancies & leaving two jobs before they closed (I wouldn’t have received any redundancy) I am in a bad way financially.
    I have put a claim in against my employer but that is taking time. I would be able to use the money to start my own business if it is enough.

    Because of what the PM said about, what I would call, scoungers I now feel like one myself. The Government need to think about people like me that want to have a go but are held back.


    Les Nuttall

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