Queen’s Speech debate

After the pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament yesterday and the delivery of the Queen’ s Speech today sees the start of five full days of Parliamentary debate on the content of the speech. Each day will have a different theme but at the end of it nothing will have changed and it seems to me the debate simply gives MP’s on both sides of the House an opportunity to say what a good job the Government is doing or what a rotten job the Government is doing and how it would all be different under Labour. I think I can safely predict taht the votes at the end of the Queens Speech will be easily won by the Government and then the real work can start on implementing the programme. Personally I support most of the Bills although I do not see why we need to establish yet another Quango to regulate shops and I think the Bill to reform the House of Lords is an unnecessary distraction.

Apologies to those who had difficulty registering to follow me on Twitter yesterday there was a glitch which I have hopefully corrected. Just a tick box needed unchecking!

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2 thoughts on “Queen’s Speech debate

  1. David,

    In another thread a little while ago, in your defence of the Child Benefit changes, you suggested that I ask accountants of their opinion.

    As I pointed out in my reply, I am an accountant. However, I was not involved in writing this report (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/pensions/9265722/Child-benefit-cuts-20000-middle-class-children-to-be-pushed-below-poverty-line.html).

    Will that do? Is that sufficient accountants comment on this typical government mess?

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