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Today is polling day in Bury and indeed right across the Country for the local elections. I suspect most of the media interest will focus on the battle to decide who becomes Mayor of London the big Boris v Ken battle. Closer to home it will be interesting to see whether the City of Manchester decide to go down the same road and have an elected Mayor like London and indeed their next door neighbours in Salford who are also electing a new Mayor today. My guess is that Manchester will decide to stick with the status quo just as Bury did when we had a referendum on the issue a few years ago.

The Secretary of State for Local Government sets out five reasons for voting Conservative today here

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  1. “At the last election i warned people about the the tories and what they would do to our living standards, the NHS, the sick, the unemployed and just about everything else but even i did not think they would have the gall to make people with cancer undergo assessments to make them go back to work, how dispicable can they get”

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  2. At last the people of Tottington have kicked out the person who tells LIES. When i challenged Roger Brown re the sending out of literature which accused the Labour Party of closing Fairfield Baby Unit he said that it was Labour who closed it but when i said the unit only closed in february and the tories had been in power for two years he still insisted it was Labour. I reminded him that the final say was down to Andrew Lansley as the secretary of state for health and he failed, as i said he would, to halt the closure and go against what he and our MP David Nuttall said, and lied about, before the last election just to get votes, and just in case anybody thinks i am making libellous statements i would say i have a very reliable witness to this statement, which was made on voting day this week and this from somebody who is supposed to be a lawyer and and is expected to seek and tell the truth. At the last election i warned people about the the tories and what they would do to our living standards, the NHS, the sick, the unemployed and just about everything else but even i did not think they would have the gall to make people with cancer undergo assessments to make them go back to work, how dispicable can they get. All the lies the tories came out with have come back to haunt them and and will see them kicked out at the next general election because HONEST people do not like LIARS, bring on the next election and let us vote for people who do not tell lies to get elected.

  3. Well, David, good luck in persuading people to vote for your party, given that we’ve just slipped back into recession again – which I believe Osborne managed to achieve even as our exports to the EU rise by 8%.

    In 2010, the Tory government predicted 2.8% growth, and the private sector picking up the slack, having escaped from being “crowded out” by the public sector.

    2012? Recession, getting towards 3,000,000 out of work, 88% of the cuts still to bite and the prospect of much worse to come.

    As I say, good luck in trying to find even one reason to vote Tory round here. I can’t think of any.

    1. Well done Simon in defeating someone who tells lies, see my letter below, i was sure you had a great chance of winning Tottington and now we have got rid of him i know we can rely on you to stick up for the ordinary people in this area. I hope our MP has had the good grace to congratulate you and if he has it is a u-turn from last year when he said, when challenged by me, why should he congratulate the Labour Party on winning the local election when nobody did so for the tories when they won, how pathetic. Talking of u-turns i have just witnessed on tv the biggest u-turn yet by this discredited mob re the buying of jets for the new carriers which cameron said were “too expensive” but now has decided to buy because the situation has changed, cobblers. The statement by Phillip Hammond in the house today, thursday 10 may was challenged by the opposition and was told the situation was the same now as when the jets were ordered by the previous government, what a climb down and an embarassment for him and the defence secretary. I would urge people who do not watch the goings on in the house to do so and see how often the tory front bench squirm when they are confronted by the truth, as was the home secretary when she was forced to admit she got it wrong about the time frame for an appeal by the ECHR but she blamed it on her advisers, now there’s a surprise! The sooner the deceitful lib-dems in the government rebel against the equally deceitful tories and force a general election the sooner we can stop them ruining our country because while this bunch of liars are in power we will hear them make the same excuses for the state of the economy year after year. As you may have noticed my previous letter has not been removed because it, along with this letter, is the truth and i am sure our MP, who is a lawyer, knows the truth in print cannot be construed as libel and the lib-dems and the tories were GUILTY of telling lies to get elected, i do not need to give people the list of lies by both parties because the british people know the lies they told. If the unseated councillor or anybody else wishes to challenge the facts let them take me to court and we shall see who is wright but do not hold your breath because our MP states in his blog that no libellous letters would be published, as you can see he published my last letter so i must be wright, Once again Simon WELL DONE.

      1. Alan,

        Thank you very much indeed for your compliments, and I am grateful to the people of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside for having put an X by my name. I’ll be up and at it for the ward as long as I’m a councillor.

        I agree that the Tories in Bury have been quite economical with the truth, and I expect to see this comment moderated out of existence, but assuming it gets published, I invite you to help me keep the council, me, and our other two (Tory) councillors honest by challenging us via this site, the Bury Times, council meetings, township forums et al. In my case, I can be regularly challenged about 6.30pm down The Lamb on Totty Road on a Friday evening!

        Sorry to hijack your blog David, but it’s good to talk, isn’t it?


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