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It is perhaps appropriate in Diamond Jubilee Year that I should pay another visit to the Jubilee Centre run by Age UK Bury in its splendid setting overlooking the Lido in Clarence Park. Unfortunately it was absolutely teaming down with rain when I paid my visit so it was not conducive to spending too long admiring the wide variety of birds which frequent the Lido.

Since my previous visit a new frontage has been constructed giving the Centre’s users more space and panoramic views over the Lido. Age UK Bury provide many opportunities for the over 50’s to engage in I met with the Chairman Beryl Pilkington and Andy Hazeldine the Chief Operating Officer who were able to give me more details about the work of the Centre. More information can be found here.


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2 thoughts on “Jubilee Centre

  1. Could you please tell me if the “Save Our Street” petition to restore the benefits from the Trust Fund of William Openshaw Street to Bury has made any progress ?

    1. Hi,

      I don’t think the petition was proceeded with. The Trustees have however transferred some of the funds to a separate trust for Bury/Lancashire but I am still concerned about the level fo fees Barclays take from mthe trust. There would be so much more cash available for charities if they would retire and allow Trustees who were prepared to work for nothing to do the job.


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