Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

Apologies for fewer than usual postings on my blog of late. I was not 100% for a while and that combined with usual busy workload means something has to go and regretably it is usually means the blog. Anyway, as I am now fully recovered and spending a few days away I can safely predict a few more posts (including a few updating on some of the things I have been doing over the last couple of weeks) in the next few days.

Let me start with a brief comment about the reported views of the Archbishop of Canterbury that he would not be too concerned if people went to church who were not all that certain about their faith. Well, I have not always agreed with the views of the present Archbishop of Canterbury but on this matter I think he is absolutely spot on. As churchwarden at St. Anne’s in Tottington we have had congregations way in excess of 200 for the past two Sundays and I would like to think we are welcoming to everyone. As the Archbishop said there are no theological exams ( if there were I would definitely fail!).

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  1. More comments to come.
    Health Secretary Andrew Lansley told the Times the government did not work with tobacco companies as it wanted them to have “no business” in the UK.
    I say. Andrew Lansley. You can pay for the loss of revenue from tobacco tax. If not. All non-smokers will be paying for the loss of tobacco revenue.Which they are starting to do now.My father fought in burma in the second world war for our freedom.Now we smokers .drinkers.are the forgotten army.Until we get rid of idiots who are ruining our social lives.Don’t always blame labour for the problems.You are all to blame for not listening to the british people.
    More to come.if I don’t get censored.

  2. Thank you Sheila and Helen for your comments.
    I have worked it out that I used to go out six nights per week and spend about £80 to £100 per week.But now I spend about £20.Happy in the knowledge that the government isn’t getting all my money.But saying that.I know they are getting it in taxes through FUEL.GAS AND ELECTRIC
    They are listening to idiots who try to run our lives and get good money for doing it.They are called Charities. Action on heath and smoking.british heart foundation.british lung foundation.Royal college of paiditritions.and all the

  3. David, first of all I must say that I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    I too must acknowledge your post, as a result of the responses. I mean no personal offence as I see you as a true Conservative.

    Presently, I see no difference in the 3 main parties. Yes, I smoke.

    I spend £120 less each week as a result of the smoking ban when you take taxis, hair-styling, make-up, perfume, hand-bags, food, raffle tickets, clothes, shoes and the rest into account.

    I wonder how many more millions of smokers and their friends/families have reduced their spending as a result. I know many. Take this into the primary, secondary and tertiary markets and the knock-on effect is very large, ie suppliers, solicitors, accountants, cleaning, gaming, furniture, fittings, the list is endless.

    Personally, I wonder what agenda this current government is actually running. Does it hold itself at ransom to the heavily funded health lobbies (as it appears to many) or does it believe in economic regeneration, free-market enterprises and the freedom of choice for well-informed adults to purchase legal products.

    You stated in your reply to Bill that government spending ( I prefer to call it tax-payer spending) was one of the main priorities of the Coalition. I agree with that. What I cannot understand is why the Coalition has granted hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax-payers money to anti-smoking charities to lobby government over plain-packaging of tobacco.

    The majority of the world (including EU countries and US states) haven’t bent over backwards to please TC, so why should we bow to the pressures? Is our country/governmant really so weak now? It’s appalling and shaming.

    It certainly doesn’t appear to be the Conservative party that I was bred into. In fact, my over-zealous conservative parents (non-smoking) are beginning to have their reservations.

  4. David, This is not a personal attack on you as I am fully aware that you did try to introduce a bill which would have supported pubs and would have made a terrific difference to so many people,s lives, however I would agree with the previous poster that there appears to be absolutely no difference at all between the three main parties on this subject, much to the annoyance of so many conservative supporters.
    The latest attack , re The Display Ban is childish and naive, will do nothing to prevent youngsters smoking but has angered a great many people.
    This coupled with the on going loss of pubs is creating a loss to the Treasury rather than making things any better financially.
    It simply does,nt add up.

  5. How can your government get into power with false hope for smokers like me. by saying they would look into the smoking ban.by perhaps having smoking rooms in pubs and clubs.Which are vanishing all the time.we are expected to retire at 68 now.but I cannot retire as I cannot afford to.The government want us to live longer.but cannot afford to keep us.Why cannot smokers.drinkers.car drivers be left alone.You all (labour.conservatives.liberals.) treat the working class the same .our family’s did not fight for this country for it to become become like this.
    We are struggling with Fuel prices.utility bills.food prices.

    1. Dear Bill,

      I agree with you that pubs and clubs should be free to choose to have a separate smoking room if they wish and I attempted to introduce a Bill to this effect in October 2010.

      The Government is having to take difficult decisions in order that the Country can start to live within its means. Labour left the Country needing to borrow billions of pounds every single month just to pay our way and this situation cannot continue. Government spending must be brought under control so that our Country’s income is greater than our outgoings.


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