The Extra Mile Project

David Nuttall MP and Paul

On Friday I visited Action for Children’s The Extra Mile project to meet some of the young care leavers participating in an innovative national money management programme.

Action for Children is working in partnership with Barclays to deliver the Barclays Money Skills programme to young people who may be struggling to manage their finances, providing them with the tools and support needed to improve their money management skills and gain a better understanding of financial matters.

This year, Action for Children will support more than 2,500 of the UK’s most vulnerable young people to participate in Barclays Money Skills sessions, including young parents and young carers, those in youth clubs and training centres, and young people leaving care. Other UK charities involved in the initiative to reach more than one million people by the end of 2012 include the National Youth Agency, UK Youth, Youth Access and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

The support Action for Children and Barclays are giving young people in helping them get to grips with their finances is greatly appreciated. For many young people, it can be difficult to manage their money effectively. The Barclays Money Skills programme is a really practical way of equipping these young people with the knowledge and tools that will help them do this.

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7 thoughts on “The Extra Mile Project

  1. if this government were a private company surely the poilice would have a case for robbery or fraud. i dont suppose this budget will make any change to your
    party members own finances unlike the mere public who unfortunatley put you there.dont feel i have it in for the conservatives, i imagine no other party has the publics interest at the top of the agenda.

  2. David,

    I suspect I made a mistake in my earlier comment, not yet shown.

    Of course what I should have asked is why some families earning upto £120,000 will be getting at least some child benefit ,some earning up to £100,000 will be getting full benefit, whilst others earning £61,000 will not. get any at all.

    What kind of insanity is that?

      1. I am an accountant!!!

        This is one of the unfairest yet, the amendments simply designed to fight off some Tory MPs who objected to the stupid plan originally. The excuse for the original was that it would be too complicated and expensive to implement if taken on family income. So now they put in a system which involves a graded benefit between £50K and £60K,. In other words the excuse of “EASE” of the original plan has now gone but it is still totally unfair

        Most of the anomalies have come in over time. They are not PLANNED as an anomaly like this is.

        This is a typical attack on the traditional family. It is hardly surprising that Cameron should implement it

  3. David,
    Can you tell me why some families earning £80,000 will retain child benefit, whilst others earning £50,000 will lose it.

    Is this a way to help children in general learn to understand money?

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