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On Friday I visited the Apprenticeship stand in Bury’s Millgate Centre. Manned by a consortium of local providers the stand provided an excellent opportunity for both would be apprentices and potential apprentice employers to find out what is involved in a modern apprenticeship. I say modern apprenticeship because nowadays apprenticeships cove far, far more than the traditional skills associated with apprenticeships from two or three decades ago.

I belive it is very important that we all value those who take an apprenticeship just as highly as those who continue academic study to degree level. Being highly skilled in a trade is just as important to our community is just as useful and important as someone who has continued academic studies to degree level.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

4 thoughts on “Apprenticeships in Bury

  1. All very excellent, David – nice to see you supporting our young people and apprenticeships.

    Just on a side point, nothing to do with this – I find it quite sad that I found your name on the ‘Coalition for Marriage’ petition as a key supporter. As a member from the LGBT community, this is quite worrying that my MP is supporting this and is not standing up for my equal right to get married to someone from the same sex as me. I wish I had known this before the election, otherwise I would not have voted a person which anti-homosexual views.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank-you for your comment. I am not anti-homosexual as you state. I believe that marriage is an institution which can only, by definition, take place between a man and a woman. Believing that does not mean that I am in any way against those who choose to live together as a same sex couple.


    2. Yes, I too wish that I had known this before the election.

      I was unsure who to vote for between two candidates, eventually deciding against David.

      Had I known this, it is quite likely I would have decided in his favour.

      Well done David. Thanks for signing, and being a key supporter.

  2. The trouble with new apprenticeships is they are not as high a qualification as, say, the ones in the 1970’s. Then, together with day release etc, they were higher than a degree is now.

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