Human Rights

I am one of the ten backbench Conservative MP’s who have promoted a new work on the impact of the Human rights legislation which has been published today. The work is essentially that of the excellent researcher Robert Broadhurst who is employed by the European Research Group which we are all members of.

The publication has received high profile coverage in the Daily Mail today and readers can access it via the following website:

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5 thoughts on “Human Rights

  1. HUman rights was an assumption in English Law for centuries; the Magna Carta was to control the king, not his subjects.

    Now, with having the EU Human Rights foisted upon us by B.Liar, we have these rights being abused by those who break the law at the expense (in all its definitions) of the law-abiding. B.Liar pushed this law through, yet was decrying it within a year of it becoming statute.

  2. You only have to read a little to understand they are trying to change the ACT to suit there own agendas and if this goes through then it will be much much harder to gain legal redress in court especially for any government abuses on us all.

    Not that we have long left before they take away our right to legal aid anyway.

    By the time they have finished we will have nowhere to go and forced to follow the directions they dictate to us.

    What a bloody lovely life………….

  3. Yeah right, the government wouldn’t know the meaning of ‘Human Rights For British Citizen’s’. The country is on its knees, disabled and old people are being treated like second class citizens, instead of being treated with dignity, while this government sends billions of pounds abroad to help other countries and prop up greedy fat cat banks. It is a total disgrace and you should hang your heads in shame! You are even being mean about the bus passes that are being scrapped, that are a life line to people who haven’t the luxury of a car, like most of the MP’s and the Government Ministers have.

    1. Can’t argue with most of that……but it is worth pointing out that this is where 13 years of Labour government has put us. They had 13 years to solve all the ills you moan about but they just stuck their noses in the trough and feasted. You seem passionate about many issues – stand for office !!

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