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  1. Happy New Year.

    We can look across the Atlantic to observe that the authoities in America are now commencing to indict bank directors for their shortcomings and misdemeanors in the financial crisis.

    For all the Lib-Dem promoting capital adequacy as the Holy Grail of the banking sector, what would really frame the executive mindset is to bring charges against the likes of Fred “the Shred” Goodwin,ex-RBS, and Eric Daniels et al, at Lloyds for criminal negligence, breach of fudiciary duty or whatever can be applied to get them infront of the court and disgraced if not jailed.

    If Gordon Brown was acting ultra vires in his waiving of monopolies rules on the Halifax takeover then lets see him suffer a Dame Shirley Porter type consequence.

    It’s in the public interest that these executives are brought to book. Is there anyone at Westminster who has the stomach to propose it? Of anyone at Westminster with public interest at heart, it would likely be you.

    How about it?

      1. Given the Mail On Sunday headline it seems the topic has been elevated by timely coincidence within the coalition. Are you aware of a complaint having been made from any quarter and a police investigation taking place? I think most folk are aware who has the responsibility for deciding if a prosecutable offense has taken place. Seems that justice for those at the top of the pile is a little slow in being initiated unless someone of some status proposes the charge.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family, so sorry to hear the news of the death of John Byrne.

    Bury Gateway

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