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Last week I took part in my first official Parliamentary visit. Parliamentarians have frequent opportunities to travel to all corners of the globe and I guess there are few weeks when there is not a delegation out visiting some distant land. As a new member of Parliament I have always declined such opportunities preferring to spend as much time as possible in Parliament and in my constituency but this week along with other members of the House of Commons Procedure Committee i travelled up to Edinburgh to visit the Scottish Parliament. We met with members of the Petitions Committee and members of their Procedure Committee. Our findings will inform our enquiry into the operation of the e-petitions system.

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5 thoughts on “Visit to Scottish Parliament

  1. Some months ago, I suggested that it would be good if you did some politics on here.

    Within a week or so you did, but it seems to have stopped again.

    To save me wasting my time looking on here, is this just a site to let us know what you are doing, or are you going to use it to discuss politics?

    If the former that’s ok of course but I won’t look back too often. If you are going to make it more political then I look forward to reading it in the future.

    Look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi,

      Thank-you for your comment.

      I fear it was more coincidence that may have resulted in a post being made which was more to your liking!

      I will continue to post whatever I wish to so I cannot give any guarantee about what the posts will be about in future!!

      Best wishes,

      1. It’s your website. Of course you can post what you like.
        It is quite right too that you should post what you do so that people can see that you are spending time I’m the constituency.

        I just think that it’s a pity that someone who has a reputation as a rebel in parliament and is presumably therefore happy to debate politics with his colleagues in parliament appears somewhat more reluctant to debate with his constituents.

      2. I fully agree with JamesR re lack of proper postings on here especially since nothing was posted re the autum statement but that should not supprise anyone because our MP is too scared to properly debate anything of importance. I challenged our MP to a proper, unrigged debate in Bury town hall but he did not have the guts to meet me and other voters and explain why he lied at the election and why he has not tried to stop the closure of Fairfield Baby Unit. He will say he has asked questions in the house and that is true but he has NEVER put anything on here about it. I have to explain why i have only just responded to these latest posts it is because i have been in North Manchester Hospital where i have expierienced the truly awful cuts in our NHS, which David Nuttall voted for, and but for the wonderful nurses and doctors i wonder what condition i would be in now and i truly fear for OUR NHS in the future under this lying and deceitfull government. Our MP has voted for, a rise in vat, cuts to the pensioners winter fuel allowance, extra taxes on energy companies, yes you guessed it , that will be passed on to the consumer, removal of students grant to enable them to go to college, i could go on for weeks but because they have a majority NOT A MANDATE they won’t listen to the electorate untill they have to then they will be begging us to vote for their lies again, not a damned hope in hell of that happening again. One more point, what the heck was our MP doing at the Scottish Parliament when he should have been in the house for the autum statement, he was very conspicous by his absence, the only reason i can think of is it was one of those free, to him, jaunts which MPs think they are entitled to and which served no purpose whatsoever. As you say JamesR it is his blog and he can post on it what he wishes but if people stop reading it and replying he is wasting his time and as you say in your last reply he is VERY reluctant to reply and when he does his answers are very brief, not to the point and one is no wiser when he does take the time to reply. I don’t know whether you watch the pathetic goings on in parliament James but if you don’t please tune in to channel 504 on sky and you will be amazed at the planted questions and the schoolboy antics of our MPs, i have lost count of the number of times the headmaster ( the speaker) has reprimanded the children, paticularily master Nuttall, but at the end of term this dishonest lot will be kicked out and they will have to get a proper job, oh! sorry, there aren’t any jobs, still with the fat payoffs he will get and the fat pension he can look forward to he should be able to cope for awhile whilst his constituants will always stuggle to cope but hey, he’s a MP so why should he care.

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