Remembrance Sunday

As I usually do on Remembrance Sunday I have attended three services today to mark this special day. Starting with the official Civic Service at the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Bury Town Centre. The route of the Parade from the Town Hall to the Parish church was lined with people of all ages. There was a large crowd outside the church to witness the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial. Inside the church was full for the actual Service and the Rector gave a thoughtful and indeed thought provoking sermon.

In the afternoon I took part in the Tottington Parade and Act of Remembrance where I undertook my duties as Churchwarden. I again laid a wreath in memory of ll those who have lost their lives in the service of the Crown.

This evening I attended what I always find the most moving service of the day. The evensong and Roll Call at St. Anne’s Parish Church. During the Act of Remembrance every name recorded on the Roll of Honour recording those who were killed in the two World Wars is read out aloud and the church bell is tolled after each name. It truly brings home the reality of the personal nature of the losses in the village.

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4 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. Ian i too was in the parade and stood directly behind the old boys. I know for a fact they would have stood twice as long and been proud to do so. Yes some are getting on a little but they are proud men. Nobody makes them march. I’ll join them one day and will stand as long as it takes to remember those who cant be there.

    My only slight annoyance i had on the day was watching a young man with his hands in his pockets slouching past the veterans as they were stood to attenton. he was one of the council officials but i dont know what he was representing.

    oh and on other thing can the council provide the vicar a microphone and speaker as i couldnt hear a word he said over the noise from the Peel and the sound of that annoying tannoy announcement from the bus station. Cant they switch the darned thing off for 20 minutes?

    To be honest i never noticed Griffiths but he is rightly or wrongly an elected MEP and had a right to be there.

  2. David, I always rate you for your views and you stand up for both your constituents and their views, you represent us well for the most part, thank you.

    However, I was shocked to see Nick Griffin at today’s memorial service in Bury; is this man and what he represents something the town wants to be associated with? Was this a conscious council decision to involve this man in the town’s memorial parade today?

    I also thought it it was a little off for the old veterans to march on parade first and expect then to stand their in the cold at 70/80+ years old for over 40 mins, and then the Mayor and dignitaries enter the parade last and then enter the church service first, leaving the Veterans stood there even longer! Some were complaining their legs had gone to sleep!

    This day is about our armed forces and various other services and associations, the lives and service that have been given and service that continues to be given for our country, no matter what creed, colour, skin, or religion. Some priority should be given to veterans next year please, (bring them on parade last), and lose Nick Griffin, he really is not the type of person I would like to see being represented at one of the town’s most important days.


    1. Hi.
      Thank-you for your comment. The civic remembrance service is organised by Bury Council and I will pass your comments on when I next meet with the Council Leader and the Chief Executive. I understand they invited all the MEP’s for the North-West region.

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