Phone Hacking

The whole Country has been shocked by the revelations that journalists have been hacking the telephones not just of celebrities and politicians but of murdered children, the victims of the 7/7 bombings and families of servicemen killed in action.

This scandal is not just about the journalists on one newspaper or even the press in general it is also about the police and about how politics works.

There is no doubt we need to get to the bottom of the specific allegations which have been made that is why I am pleased the Prime Minister has said that there will be a full public enquiry with a judge in charge so that there is no question about the impartiality of the inquiry. Everything that has happened must be investigated and no stone left un-turned. The witnesses will be questioned by a judge on oath.

We also need to consider wider issues about the future of the press. A second independent inquiry will therefore look at the culture the practices and the ethics of the British press. In particular it will look at how our newspapers are regulated and make recommendations for the future.

When the inquiries are completed it is essential that we finish up with a police force that is beyond reproach, a political system people feel is on their side and a press which is free and holds those in power to account but is also clean and trustworthy.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

3 thoughts on “Phone Hacking

  1. David,
    Of course I agree with you on this issue. Though whether I am shocked that the News of the World has been doing something it shouldn’t I am not so sure. Appalled, yes, surprised, maybe not.
    I am delighted though that you have produced something in the “Politics” category. It is exactly 10 weeks to the day since you last did so.
    You are a politician. Indeed one, I understand, with sufficient strong opinions to have you near the top of the list of Tory rebels.
    Please don’t keep your political views for Parliament. Let us know too. Whether you are rebelling against the Government or supporting it.
    You never know. It might get you some support!

    1. In answer to James re support, how can we support somebody who tells lies and then fails to resign as i suggested he should if Fairfield Baby Unit closes which it has been announced is to happen. It is no good trying to fob us off with the lame excuse that it is the PCT who has made the decision because the health secretary has the final word and he has broken his promise to the people of Bury to keep Fairfield open, that to me was a lie and it will close, as i said it would, and he should resign along with our mp. There are numerous maternity and a&e departments up and down the country in the same situation who were all promised the same but those promises were not worth a carrot. When one considers what has happened with the tory press and the fact cameron failed 5 times to give a proper answer to MPs in the debate and was finally rumbled when the culture secretary slipped up and said discussions had taken place with Rebecca Brooks is it surpriseing what a bunch of dishonest people are running the country. I would like to know who the people were who voted in this pathetic crew but as i warned at the time it would be catostrophic if the tories got into power because they wreck the NHS every time they get a chance because they did not want the NHS in the first place and voted against it, as they did with the minimum wage which they said would cost 1 MILLION JOBS, yet another lie. When i suggested to David Nuttall that he should resign if Fairfield closes i did not get a response but now we should DEMAND he and Andrew Lansley go NOW for lying to the people of Bury because it is obvious we cannot trust them. Just to further deflate our MP,David Cameron only said there would be a full enquiry after constant pressure from MPs and Ed Milliband so do not try and make out it was our pathetic PM who instigated an enquiry when it was blatantly obvious he did not want one. Watch this space when some very senior heads will role but you can bet camerons will not be one of them.

  2. It is disgusting that the people at the top, are not being held to account. Why should it be that the only heads that rolled were the workers at the News of The World and not Rupert Murdoch and that horrible woman, who is grinning like a cheshire cat all the time.

    Rupert Murdoch was the owner, so by rights he should be given either a very big fine that really does hurt or he should be given a long jail sentence, along with the cheshire cat which would act as a warning to others.

    However, all the government ever does, is set up expensive enquiries and there is never anything done at the end of them.

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