Mrs Thatcher and the Big Society

One of the areas I covered in my speech last Saturday was Mrs Thatcher’s often quoted comment about there being no such thing as Society. Rarely if ever do we get to hear the full quote.

The quotation is taken from an interview given to Woman’s Own magazine. It was published on 31st October 1987 under the title ‘Aids, education and the Year 2000’

The main passage which I think is relevant is as follows:

I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand “I have a problem, it is the Government’s job to cope with it!” or “I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!” “I am homeless, the Government must house me!” and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to help look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations, because there is no such thing as an entitlement unless someone has first met an obligation and it is, I think, one of the tragedies in which many of the benefits we give, which were meant to reassure people that if they were sick or ill there was a safety net and there was help, that many of the benefits which were meant to help people who were unfortunate—” It is all right. We joined together and we have these insurance schemes to look after it” . That was the objective, but somehow there are some people who have been manipulating the system and so some of those help and benefits that were meant to say to people:”All right, if you cannot get a job, you shall have a basic standard of living!” but when people come and say:”But what is the point of working? I can get as much on the dole!” You say:”Look” It is not from the dole. It is your neighbour who is supplying it and if you can earn your own living then really you have a duty to do it and you will feel very much better!”

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One thought on “Mrs Thatcher and the Big Society

  1. Well we should always look after the rich within our society to make their shares go further, and to hell with people who are struggling.

    Successive governments have ripped our country apart by throwing the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh working class people on the rubbish heap as far as anyone of us actually having some benefit of a government working for the indigenous people of our Country.

    They have divided the country too, into different parliament, making sure that the English do not get a parliament so the English people do not have a voice. It is about time the politicians realised that the English should be given a voice too.

    You have successively sold all our assets to the highest foreign bidder, be it machinery or our knowledge to other countries, just so that the shareholder’s portfolios of the rich are okay.

    You have ripped off the pensioners who have worked hard all their life and paid their NI contributions which was set up by beverage years ago to help Our own people who worked all their life or they did become ill, they needed care in their old age or when they were ill.

    You have ripped off the Students of today, so that only rich people can afford to have an education and go to College and University to better themselves.

    There is no real social housing as it is took up by economic migrants and illegal immigrants that you are too scared to deport, incase there are demonstrations and you are called racist, for standing up for the indigenous people of this country.

    Our NHS has been under strain because the same economic migrants have access to ‘Free Treatment’ paid for by the tax payer. Now the same economic migrants can claim for both themselves and their relatives in this country while they are looking for work. However if it was the other way around and we were in another country we would have to go home if we didn’t have a job to go to.

    Any sensible government would impose a waiting period of at least 5 years before these economic migrants can access these benefits as well as Educational resources for their children that they have brought over here.

    If a person living in the UK was to look at going abroad to live and work they would have to make sure they have enough money before they would be let into their country to work and live.

    We should adopt the Austrian policies, because at least they are looking after their own people first, which should be the way in which People in the UK should be thinking.

    Yes there are some that have scrounge benefits that have been about, however there are geninue people too who are being hurt too but you have sold off all our employment prospects to the highest bidder.

    To the point, you have made people feel as if there is no hope for the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh, within our country. Our freedom of speech is being eroded and the successive governments mess around with
    the voting system to make sure that they can keep in power a little longer, so that the people of this country don’t know whats going on. Now the idigious people of our country are looking towards emergrating because there is no hope here of ever making a good living anymore and the price of the housing is too much for the poor and now they cannot access mortagages because the banks will not lend to them.

    The loan system in this country is upside down, you wouldn’t be asking for a loan if you had the money in the first place. Yet you have to have money in the first place to get the loan. Surely if you help people get settled and get started, then in the end you will see a profit, if you keep the interest low and fixed. It is better to have a little profit than non at all. Yet the banks are finding more an more ways of how to squeeze yet more money out of people without giving anything back in return.

    Believe me, I know from experience, successive governments say that they will help people actually get into employment if they are have disabilites however if you are housebound, there is no help at all.

    Believe me I have written and tried to campaign on the behalf of people who do have problems accessing services and people who could help all because the rule system doesn’t allow for individual circumstances.

    All the successive governments have done nothing but fiddle expenses and those ‘find fact finding’ missions at the tax payers expense. It’s amazing that the rules on MP’s expenses are going to be relaxed again, and that certainly gone on the back burner.

    Those MP’s that were brought to book got off lightly with a couple of years of prison, yet if was someone from the general public that had defrauded the tax payer they would have been punished a lot more. I bet those MP’s didn’t get their assets frozen and are being forced to pay back what they stole.

    The next is the influx of illegal economic migrants who make like a lot harder for the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish to compete with their illegal activities.

    We have a very big problem with one sector of our community and we are not allowed to say anything because we would be called racist, and the government are allowing them to get away with anything they like as long as the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh all suffer.

    I am not just saying this about You, David, but it has been happening years, in Bury, when we haven’t had anyone actually speak up for us.

    Before I was ill, I did used to work very hard, I haven’t always been disabled, like other people within this country.

    What really gets me, successive governments seem to have all the time in the world for Foreign Countries, even to the point of letting Our English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish and the Gurkha’s Die for Countries who couldn’t care less about us at all.

     Yet there had to be an outcry for the Ghurka’s who at least fight along side Our soldiers which is more than I can say about other foreign people who are suppose have made the UK there home. I guess these people can have all the benefits of our Country without actually standing up for what we believe in.

    Soldiers are facing big cuts and effectively these cuts. I bet are costing lives, but that’s no skin of any of the successive government’s who have sent these soldiers to die with either faulty equipment and the poor soldiers have to adapt to not having the equipment they need on the front line, while there are posh banquets for negotiations etc.

    Tell anyone, a soldier gets his P45 on the battlefield, when you are being shot at, that is totally disgusting and anyone who thinks that is okay should be in the front line themselves, before sending our lads over there to be killed for Wars that politicians make.

    All in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the right to democracy which has targeted to the point that the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people cannot speak about the injustice to Us, within our Own Country.

    Our own culture has been eroded until we are afraid to raise our Own English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish flags without upsetting other people who suppose to have settled here and they were suppose to respect our way of life too, and not impose their own way of life on us.

    I don’t think the government knows the meaning of ‘The Big Society’ its only a phrase to make savage cuts, meanwhile the economic migrants have their own banks with no interest loans to their members etc, so they are not doing business on an equal footing.

    Yet they get away with it, because successive governments have raped the country for all that it has and sold it off to the highest bidder, so that they just the rich can have more to spend.

    The banks are getting away with murder, treating everyone who needs help with disdain, and there isn’t a thing the government can do because most of the banks are being took over by foreign interests.

    Ask working class person in this country and the poor will always say the same.

    No matter who is in power, all governments are the same, they are only in politics for themselves and what they can get out of it.

    People are naive in the beginning, including myself, start off thinking that maybe they might be able to change opinions and make something better for the people they represent, but in the end you all have to tow the ‘Party Line’ and Your ‘Big MP Society’ otherwise it would be the end of Your Job and Your Career.

    Sorry but the words ‘The Big Society’ sounds very hollow to the struggling people of this country who have been betrayed too many times.

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