Budget 2011

I have always maintained that what makes a good budget is not how it is reported in the media in the first 24 hours but how it is viewed after the analysts and experts have had chance to study the small print. I think that this years budget will be regarded as being the right mix of carefully targeted measures designed to boost private sector growth combined with the economic imperative of ensuring the budget deficit is one day eliminated.

Motorists will be glad that for the first time I can remember the price of petrol following the budget has gone down instead of up.

Those who complain about the complexity of our tax code will be pleased that swathes of complex rules and regulations are to be abolished.

The long term plan to merge tax and national insurance contributions is the first step on what I guess will be a long road which will really start to reduce the size and complexity of the tax system and ultimately make it easier for employers to employ people.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

3 thoughts on “Budget 2011

  1. Mr Nuttall, it is obvious to everybody that you think we are all naive and will swallow any and all rubbish you and the liars in your government put out to the people. You cannot save money on something which has not been implemented as osbourne says, it is just a play on words which you as a ‘lawyer’ ‘solicitor’ will know all about. The budget was a waste of time and does nowt to address the unemployment and lack of growth created by the tories, a budget which was slated by all the independant bodies which your lot like to quote when it suits them. As a pensioner i would like to know how i have contributed to the defecit and why have i lost 25% of the winter fuel allowance i.e. £50. The 1p off petrol was recouped 3 fold by the increase in vat and the petrol retailers put up the price the day before, so who do you think you are kidding. Your government are the only party to increase vat, and don’t say labour did it because they only put it back to where it was when they tried to stimulate the economy, something the tories refused to admit during the election.I would like to hear your comments on your party members who have CHEATED the taxpayer i.e. lord Taylor and Ben Dover, you were quick to castigate David Chaytor but i am at a loss as to your silence on these two.camerons promise to keep the winter fuel payment is yet another promise broken along with lansleys to keep open fairfield maternity unit and i would like to know when the ‘review’ is completed and the final decision taken to close the baby unit.This government is a disaster and will get worse because it will have to borrow 45 billion in 2015, if god forbid they are still in power, and osbounrnes and cleggs boast that the defecit will be wiped out by the end of this parliament will be yet another hollow promise they will not be able to keep because they will have a new excuse ready for the people to swallow.Roll on the next election and let’s get these liars out.

  2. 1p off, yes it’s a start and I for one am grateful for it.
    It’s a shame 2 of my local petrol stations haven’t passed on this saving.

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