I have had a busy day in the Constituency today.

This morning I visited Tottington Primary School and answered questions from around a hundred children who I always find ask the most perceptive of questions!

I have spent the whole of the afternoon down at Gigg Lane at the Mental Health conference organised by Rethink and the Bury Carers Group. I attended a similar albeit smaller and shorter event during the general election campaign and it was good to be able to return and spend more time discussing the problems facing those with mental health illnesses.

As soon as I returned from there I spent over two hours with a packed surgery dealing with the usual range of personal problems that are typical of an M.P.’s surgery.

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22 thoughts on “Rethink

  1. Mr Nuttall,
    There is a link at the bottom of your ‘rethink’ blog to EcoPressed.
    In your ‘Japan’ blog there’s a link to a site called PopPressed that is sponsored by Toyota.
    You are absolutely correct David, it’s your blog etc. but when you link to ‘Ecosites’ sponsored by General Electric (who pay NO federal taxes on $14.2 billion in 2010) and Toyota then that obviously reflects on your corporate sensibilities.

    I just checked again…
    ‘Ecopressed’ IS sponsored by General Electric! You have to scrutinise the site very carefully to see that but it’s quite clear.
    ‘Poppressed’ is quite clearly sponsored by Toyota in fact first line is “sponsored by the all new CT hybrid.”
    Doesn’t get much clearer than that!

    So, you HAVE linked yourself to General Electric and Toyota whether you realise it or not.


    1. Hi Joe,

      I have looked again and I cn only think that you must be referring to the Suggested Related Links which appear automatically.

      No one else has complained and I doubt most people would have any complaints about either General Electric or Toyota.


  2. What’s this?
    David Nuttall’s blog now sponsored by General Electric?
    What’s the deal David?

    Why don’t you link to some ethically sound alternative energy sites instead of this corporate ‘eco-guff’ from one of the worlds biggest polluters.

    Can we assume that you endorse all GE’s activities?
    What’s their contribution to the Big Society or do they move all their profits offshore to obtain tax ‘efficiency’?

    I can only asume that you are convinced that General Electric has answer to all the worlds energy problems. Don’t insult our intelligence David or we’ll assume that you must have been paid (one way or another) for this shameless promotion.

    Your blog should not be used to promote your personal business interests.
    Explain yourself please and/or remove the offensive advert.


    1. Hi Joe,

      I am not sure what you are referring to. Why do you mention GE? I have not linked to General Electric.

      Incidentally as I pay for my blog myself I can do with it whatever I want.

  3. David,

    Thank you for replying.

    I do agree with your point that if anyone has an individual query about any expenses submitted that they should be directed to the correct body at Westminster.

    Why not post the address details, so that if anyone truly felt inclined they could write in rather than berate you on your blog.

    The great thing about communication mediums in the 21st century is that you can make yourself open and available. Unfortunately, some people fail to recognise that a well crafted or relevant point/question is much better than the equivalent of a tweet or facebook post.

    Keep working in the community.


  4. David, you again failed to answer my question in full i.e. £22 for parking, what was that for if you travel by train? I would like to know how many MPs pay the PRU the sum of £3877.50 and the sum of £1950 to the ERG. If all tory MPs pay for 1 researcher can you get me a job doing that on a salary of about £585,000 and god knows how much to the pru group.These costs need to be explained in full to avoid people thinking something not quite kosher is going on.

    1. Hi Alan,
      The £22 was if I recall correctly two lots of £11.00. It was not a reimbursement to me but to my staff. They drove to the train station on their way to London and had to pay to park. All these claims have to be approved by IPSA and I am not going to spend more time than I already have to explaining every claim I make. If you have any doubt about any claim I make please feel free to take it up with IPSA.

  5. Hi David, i notice that you answered the question from ste re youth services but you have failed to answer questions from myself and from Joe, along with others about the European research group. What is it, what does it do and why should we pay for it? There is a library where you and your colleagues can surely get all the information you require. Whilst i await your answer i will research the matter on the web and see if it is the same as the answer you hopefully give. While i am on about expenses,what is the sum of £22 for re parking and why do you need to take people to London ‘for training’, a glorified day out methinks.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Whilst I do not claim all my travel costs I do think it is appropriate for my staff to be able to reclaim their travel costs. A couple of trips to London is hardly excessive and if I thought they were unnecessary you can be assured I would not approve them!


  6. What are your views on Bury Council proposing to slash Youth Services budget by around 60% and closing 4/5 youth centres?

    1. Hi,
      The Chancellor inherited a situation where we are spending £120 million pounds every day just on paying the interest on our debts. We simply can not carry on spending money we do not have. I think it is absolutely right that local Councillors decide on the spending priorities for their own area.


  7. Hi David,
    While you’re being open and transparent, could you explain to us all the aims and functions of this European Research Group that we’re paying your subscription to?
    And, seeing as it is us the tax-payer that is paying for this, how we can avail ourselves of its services?

    1. Hi,
      Unlike the vast majority of MP’s although I employ two members of staff in Bury I do not employ any staff in London. This is a very significant saving for the taxpayer. I have joined two pooled staff resources: the PRU which provides general briefings for Conservative MP’s and the ERG which employs a single resaercher who works on European issues.

      The local media investigated the ERG and realised that it was a sensible idea for MP’s to save money in thixs way.

      Incidentally also to save the tax payer money I have not charged any of my travel costs in the constituency or any of my travel costs in London.


  8. David,

    It’s interesting to read your blog and that you’re out and about in the local community.

    However, I notice that you have not updated your Expenses record since the summer of last year.

    Bear in mind your constituents previous experience with the MP you replaced at the General Election – please take the time to keep this as upto date as feasibly possible.

    8 months or more behind with your paperwork, doesn’t look the best or reflect positively – this is an issue which local people are still sore about.



    1. Hi SKW

      Thanks for your email.
      I was behind with posting the expenses but not 8 months with respect! Anyway you are quite right it was on my list of things to do so I have done it this afternoon and as far as I can see they are all now posted on the expenses page. Please note that IPSA now have a direct payment system for the rents so I no longer pay the rent and then reclaim it the monthly flat rent and the quarterly constituency office rent go straight from IPSA to the landlord.

      Of course IPSA also seprately publish the information every few weeks for every MP.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

      David Nuttall MP

      1. Hi David,

        I was a passing comment rather than a criticism, but keeping things upto date is important – based on our previous experience with DC.

        Keep working in the community too.

        Kind regards


      2. Hi SKW,
        No problem I appreciate your interest and I will try and ensure that whenever I process a claim I enter it on the website straightaway. I fully accept that with the problems there have been in the past it is very important there is full open and transparent disclosure of expenses claims.
        Best wishes

  9. Yeah – go and vist Holy Cross. And tell’em about Chaytor, the Brown/Bliar experiment – the swearing by the Holy Cross pupils when they pass my Nana’s door – the litter they create and the waste of space they’ve mapped out for themslves. Mr Nuttall, try and get our money back from these wretches. Go on!

  10. Oh, please visit a college like Holy Cross or Bury College so the ones that actually know something can pull your performance over the last twelve months apart!

  11. Answering perceptive questions from children?
    Very good, now can you answer the perceptive questions the adults ask in response to your blogs?

    Did you tell them it was the nasty Labour Party that caused this financial crisis and that the cuddly Lib/Con alliance and their smiling chums the bankers will make everything better again?

    Can I also assume that you didn’t actually answer anyones questions at the carers group as you stated that “it was good to be able to return and spend more time discussing the problems facing those with mental health illnesses”
    I’m sure they wanted answers and solutions not discussion!

    ‘Rethink’ is what you and your party should be doing Mr Nuttal,
    The banks are responsible for this mess and should be made to pay, not the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

    Mind you, with 18 millionaires in the cabinet it’s unreasonable of me to expect that they have any idea whatsoever of what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet….

    NHS cuts? Not a problem, they all have BUPA
    Mental health issues? That’s what Priory is for isn’t it?
    Cuts to busses? Have you ever seen an MP waiting for a bus?
    Cuts to Police? They all have their own ‘protection’ paid for by us!

    Still no comment on Egypt Mr Nuttall?
    They say Mubarek has $70 billion stashed away, half of that will pay off his countries national debt!

    1. Hi Joe,

      I never mentioned the political party aspects when I spoke to the children as I do not think it is appropriate to bring politics into Junior Schools.

      At the rethink event there was aquestion and answer session and it was clear most people realise that whilst there will never be enough resources for a service like the NHS to meet everyones demands and expectations it is what is being done with all the billions of pounds that are already going into our NHS that is most important.

      We need healthy profitable banks. Of course when bonuses are paid over half goes to the Treasury in Taxes and National Insurance.

      On Egypt I want to see a peaceful transition to democracy.

      Thanks for your comments.


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