Following the sentencing of former Bury North MP David Chaytor to 18 months imprisonment the current Member of Parliament for Bury North David Nuttall said:

“Bury, Ramsbottom and Tottington are great places to live, work and play but unfortunately because of the actions of Mr Chaytor the constituency has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons in recent months. I hope people will accept the vast majority of politicians from all parties are completely honest and only want to do the best for the people they represent.

My constituents in Bury North will be glad this matter is now over and justice has been done although many will wonder why Mr Chaytor continued to protest his innocence right up to just before the scheduled start of his trial. A great deal of public resources have been wasted as a result of his delay in pleading guilty.”

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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  1. Well WELL Well so now we know what i and others have always said about Fairfield baby unit, it WILL close and add to the long list off lies by this despicable coalition government.Mr Nuttall you should have the decency to resign and let the people of Bury elect a new MP because you and i and anybody who has half a brain knew it would close because of the words ‘clinical decision’ which formed part of the criteria re the closing of certain hospitals. The tories knew it would be closed but told lies just to get votes and they should be kicked out of office now because they have deceived the electorate, see previous comment by me,and a general election called to get rid of these people who tell lies, i think there is a word for such people. If you have the guts to print this i will be very surprised because i have noticed you remove letters against you after a very short time and leave only those that agree with you, however this letter can be published in the Bury Times which has a far greater readership. I am aware that the labour government was in the process of closing Fairfield maternity unit but they were at least open about it even though they were in the wrong to do so but there criteria also included the the words ‘clinical decision’. I would also like to know what will happen to equipment and other things that were donated to Fairfield by wellwishers, they belong, as does the hospital, to the people of Bury and NOT the government.The tories are turning out true to form and will decimate the NHS as they have done in the past, indeed they did not want the NHS when it was set up just like the yanks are trying to do now.

  2. I wonder if you will be as quick to castigate lord taylor if ,or when he gets sent down for allegedly fiddling his expenses. I have a question for you Mr Nuttall. What is the punishment for a MP, particularly a minister if that person deceives or misleads the house of commons? It should be a criminal offence to deceive or tell lies to the electorate as the tories and lib dems have done and to try to bring in legislation that is not in their manifestos. This also applies to backbenchers like you, if you wish to try to do that you should tell the people of bury and give them the chance to say no to some of the things you want to do.If i were you David i would keep your c v up to date because i do not think this pack of deceiving MPs has a cat in hells chance of being in power for the full term. The reforms taking place in the NHS were not in the coalition agreement and will cost a fortune to implement and while i am talking about the NHS,people of bury should be under no illusion re maternity services at fairfield because one of the criteria laid down by the health minister was that it would be ‘a clinical decision’ which is what it was based on before. Take it from me the closure will go ahead against the wishes of the local community, but i hope i am wrong but i would bet against it. Just one more point Mr Nuttall i hope i will nott see a disgraceful episode again of fillibustering that you have been guilty of in the past i.e. one hour and thirty eight minutes to talk a bill out ably abbetted by your two tory stooges when you were reprimanded 4 times by the speaker who should have told you to ‘button it’. I will add further comments later and let the people of Bury who voted for this shower of incompetents know what they have let us in for.

  3. Not only did Labour’s David Chaytor sell his reputation for £20,000. It seems to me he also thought it would be a good idea to include his ill mother and his daughter into the ring of deceit as well. What a rat!! I think, the powers that be at Wandsworth prison, should chuck the keys to his cell away. Chaytor has brought nothing but shame to this town and it’ll not be forgotten for a very long time.

  4. Jumping on the bandwagon eh Nuttall…no need for this political opportunism. You know he was a good, decent man but was misguided and made a mistake.

    1. Ste,

      Thank-you for your comment.

      Far from ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ as you put it I have deliberately refused to comment on this matter until after the sentence. I have posted this media release because of the number of media outlets who now want and expect a comment from me.

    2. Ste,
      The man was a thief, plain and simple. I don’t like thieves, especially when they steal from me.



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