To merge or not to merge?

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period (and in the run up to the holiday) there have been various suggestions that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will merge or at least that they will field single candidates at the next General Election. Not surprisingly people have started asking me whether I think this is likely and also whether it is something I would support personally.

Is it likely to happen? Well you should never say never in politics but personally I would have thought it is highly unlikely. The Liberal Democrats operate on a very democratic basis and I doubt their membership would vote in favour of a merger. The Conservative Party of course has its own Constitution and even if a merger was recommended by the Party Board it would have to pass the National Convention which I submit would not be a foregone conclusion !

Would I be in favour? No. My view is that if other politicians reach the view that our policies are best for Britain and they feel happier supporting the Conservatives than their existing party then the correct course of action is for them to leave that Party and join the Conservatives. If any Liberal Democrats are in this position then my suggestion would be to leave the Liberal Democrats and join the Conservatives!

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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