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  1. David,

    Just wondered what your thoughts, regarding this, were on Douglas Carswell’s blog on repatriating powers?


    I appreciate that you and he would like to repatriate powers back from the EU. But, if you as MPs can’t do anything, what are the rest of us supposed to do about it?

    Also, I notice you use the past tense in your response to Ewan, I’m assuming you’ve given up as well then?

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thank-you for your comment.

      Because the Conservatives did not win a majority of the seats in the House of Commons at the General Election and we have a Coalition Governemtn I am not surprised that the Government has not made progress with the repatriation of powers although as you say I would strongly support any moves in this direction.

      I think you have read too much in to my use of the past tense in the earlier reply . I would have supported it then and of course I support it now!

      I would recommend everyone to keep supporting Conseravtive candidates who will call for, and ultimately vote for, a referendum on our relationship with the European Union.


  2. But you didn’t. Your manifesto was clear – and it did not involve leaving the EU.

    You are getting close to having duped the electors of Bury North.

    Furthermore your party is in power with the LibDems because it did not secure enough votes to rule on its own. Part of the price of that accomodation was to accept that some of its aspirations would not be pursued. People who wanted to leave the EU would have voted for UKIP.

  3. Prior to the election you assured the readers of this blog that you were entirely devoid of personal policy stances that deviated from your party manifesto.

    As that manifesto stated that “We will be positive members of the European Union …” I take it you dont actually support the Expresses campaign?

    1. Hi,

      I certainly do support their campaign!

      Prior to the formation of the Coalition it was Conservative Party policy to repatriate certain powers from the European Union. As I said at the time I would have supported that (indeed I would have supported the repatriation of all powers from the EU).


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