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I had the opportunity this week to serve on a Delegated Legislation Committee. Whilst most people appreciate that Parliament considers Bills which if passed become Acts of Parliament and form part of the statute law of the Country I suspect relatively few are aware of the laws that are introduced by way of Delegated Legislation. This is where new laws are introduced under the provisions of an existing Act of Parliament. The First Delegated Legislation Committee met on Monday to discuss the Alcoholic Liquor Duties (Definition of Cider) Order 2010. The effect of this is to ensure that in order to benefit from the lower rate of duties applicable to ciders the final produce must contain at least 35% fruit juice. The effect of this measure is to deal with the prevalence of very high strength ciders that are on the market that have a very high alcohol content but bear little resemblance to traditional cider. These types of alcoholic beverages often play a large part in the incidence of anti-social behaviour.

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4 thoughts on “Delegated Legislation

  1. David, much as I appreciate the seriousness of aclcohol related anti social behaviour. However I am disappointed that you have not posted a blog about the CSR which will affect thousands of your constituents.

    1. I wrote a letter to David after the CSR, about the cuts and how they will affect Bury North however, still no response two weeks on. Usually, he replies quite promptly. Hmm…

  2. David, much as I appreciate the seriousness of alcohol related anti social behaviour, I am disappointed to note that you have not written about the CSR and the effect these massive cuts will have on thousands of your constituents.

  3. I was heartened to hear of your attempt to enable landlords to decide for themselves regarding smoking, as the general public has the ability to choose for themselves whether or not they choose to drink in a smoking or non smoking environment.
    As smokers provide vast amounts of taxes to the economy, and the local pub is being decimated by the total ban, it is time that we stood up for our liberties.
    I would assume that as your bill was defeated we shall not be able to persue this matter. Thank you any way for trying.

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