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Yesterday we were asked to approve a motion relating to the amount of our contribution to the European Union Budget. Not surprisingly the Ruropean Union want us to increase our annual payment to their bloated bureaucracy. To be fair to the Government the reality is that their hands are tied by the decisions of the previous Labour Government. Because of the way the European Union works whatever we might decide in Parliament the other countries of the European Union can vote to ignore us and in the case of the budget whatever the House of Commons votes for in the end we will be expected to pay up the amount they decide.

It is for this reason that I decided to vote against the three line whip and for the amendment put down by my Conservative colleague Douglas Carswell which called for our contribution to the European Union to be called. Next week we will hear the results of the Comprehensive Spending Review and at a time when we are having to make savings in the UK we should not be even contemplating paying more money to Brussels.

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  1. It is always someone elses fault isn’t it blame Labour or anyone handy !!!.
    If the Conservatives and Liberals had any any sense of pride in their own identity they would have had the courage to say NO way before now!
    As someone has said already, if we say we are not paying anymore to this corrupt bunch of EU directive creating self seekers in Brussels (don’t forget the jollies down to Strasbourg and back either) , what would they do , go to war ???
    They cannot even keep their accounts books square and we know why.
    I voted UKIP long ago which is all I can do

  2. It is about time we halted any payments to Europe until it can balance its books and know where the money is going to.

    Even their own auditors refuse to audit Europes accounts, because there is too much money missing.

    Surely anyone with any sense would double check to see where their money is going before releasing it.

    We really don’t need Europe’s troubles, we need to getting on with our own lives and building the society with social justice, that Britain deserves.

  3. Dear David
    Refering to our contibution to the EU, you say that we are compelled to pay whatever te EU demands. This is admitting defeat before the fight. If the Uk slashes its contribution by say 50%, how would the EU force the UK to pay?. I am sure that other countries are thinking along the same lines. This argument is further strengthend by the fact that the auditors of the EU accounts have refused to sign off the accounts for a number of years now. On top of that is the suspicion that there is large scale coruption in the EU. As our Prime Minister stated “We are all in this together, and all cut should be fair”
    Jack Barlow

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