Help for Heroes and Hurdles

After a busy week in Westminster it is always good to get back to life in Bury and last weekend was no exception. On Friday I joined members of Bury’s Muslim community at Friday prayers at the Mosque on Parker Street and then at Yarwood Street. I then held a Surgery which as usual covered a very wide range of problems.

On Saturday evening I attended a fund raising event at the Drill Hall to raise funds for Help for Heroes and Hurdles. Well over 200 people attended and enjoyed excellent entertaiment and a pie and pea supper.

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  1. Im not sure this is the right page or the right way to go about this,but i feel so incenced about the decision not to take any action against the police officer/s involved in the death of Ian Tomlinson on the first of April 2009. Ive always considered myself pro police [my brother once being a police officer now retired]but this decision is grossly wrong. All the police officers invoved should at least lose there jobs for this blatant assault
    yours Adrian Lightfoot
    7 garden st
    bl0 9bg

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