Maiden Speech

One of the toughest tests for any new Member of Parliament is their maiden speech Having spent most of Monday’s afternoon sitting waiting to be called to speak in the Queen’s Speech debate on Home Affairs and the Constitution I was finally called today during a debate on poverty.

If anyone interested in viewing my first speech in the House it can be viewed here.

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2 thoughts on “Maiden Speech

  1. Good afternoon David,

    Thx for your Email advising that you had made your maiden speech in Parliament. Having watched the video I congratulate you on a good speech. As you pointed out, you must be one of, if not the most persistent person in the UK just now and I was heartened by your closing remarks about what you will be standing for as our representative down there.

    I am keen to follow your efforts, what would you say is the best way now of keeping upto date with your work?

    Best regards.

    Brian Darlington

  2. Well done David. Good speech – as good as any other Maiden Speech and I’ve watched a lot in last few days. I missed yours however (Headingley called) so was pleased to see your attached Video. It was well drafted with right mix of facts, humour and clear political message. Very tactful reference to Mr Chaytor!

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