Election of Speaker and Swearing in

My second week as the Member of Parliament for Bury North has seen the first week of actual Parliamentary business in particular the election of the new speaker and the swearing in of all the M.P’s.

The Speaker Mr John Bercow was re-elected – as Speaker – in his Buckingham Constituency and this week he was re-elected as Speaker of the House of Commons. The next business was the swearing in of every M.P. who wishes to take part in the business of Parliament. The only M.P.’s who do not swear in are the Sinn Fein Members elected in Northern Ireland. I did my swearing in at about 10 to 11am on Thursday morning.

My main priority has been to try and get to the bottom of my backlog of emails, telephone calls and letters that built up in the first few days of my election. Logically as the residents have not had an M.P. to contact during the last few weeks when Parliament was dissolved it is understandable that lots of people want to contact me.

Next up? Well I am travelling down to Westminster tomorrow and on Tuesday it is the State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech which sets out the planned business of the new Government over the next approximately 18 month period.

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