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I have now returned from a very hectic first three days in Westminster. Although momentous events were unfolding around me I have been more concerned with trying to get to grips with all the new arrangements. we have had a series of briefings and training sessions as well as being issued with our passes and being shown where our desks are. It may well be many weeks before I am allocated an office so for the moment I am sharing one of the Committee rooms in the House of Commons. One of the things we had to do was have our photo taken with all the new members elected as the 2010 intake.

My first priority is to put all the basics in place as soon as I can so I am able to provide a first class service to constituents. To all those who have already been in touch I can reassure everyone that no one will be forgotten.

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  1. If not 24 hours then less than a week?

    8:39am Wednesday 4th November 2009

    “A Tory politician has vowed to prevent the closure of Fairfield Hospital’s maternity ward if the Conservatives win the next general election.

    MP Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, said he will stop the move “within days” if the Tories come into power, despite work being underway to extend maternity services at the Royal Bolton Hospital.”

  2. David,
    I know what I heard, and you definately said , …within 24 hours…. because I challenged you about it after the meeting.
    If this is not to be the case and that assurance is now not to be met then you should say so.
    Mike Connolly
    Leader, Bury Labour Group and proud of it!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Mike,
      I agree you did say to me at the end of the meeting that you did not think it (ie Fairfield Maternity Department) could be kept open but I maintain I gave no indication that an announcement would be made within 24 hours. There would have been no point in making such a claim particularly when Andrew had told me personally that the time scale was likely to be longer than that. As far as I am aware the assurance that Maternity Services will be maintained is going to be met.

  3. Congratulations David, hope you’ve enjoyed your first days at Westminster. I wish you every good wish. On a more serious note, at the Hustings and in the BT, you announced that if Andrew Lansley became Secretary of State for Health he would stop the closure of Fairfield Maternity Unit within the first 24 hours. I did say that I would hold you to that and, as he has been in post more than 24 hours, can I assume the order has ben given?

    1. Hi Mike,
      I have heard nothing yet but I am sure Andrew will want to carry out his pledge as soon as possible. To be fair I did specifically ask Andrew when he visited Bury what he thought the time period would be and he said ( if I recall correctly ) two/three weeks.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply David. What you actually said at the hustings at The Manna House was, and I quote, “..within 24 hours of taking office….”

      2. Hi Mike,
        I really think you may possibly be mistaken because my years of experience in both the law and politics have taught me not to make promises about timescale and in this particular case in view of the proximity of the meeting I had with Andrew Lansley and the hustings meeting I feel sure I would not have said 24 hours when I knew Andrew had given a longer timeframe and even that was only indicative.
        In any event what is important is that the Maternity Department is maintained. That is what Andrew said he would do if he became Secretary of State and I am sure he will keep that pledge in the weeks ahead.
        NOTE For the benefit of readers out of Bury Councillor Mike Connolly is Leader of the Labour Group on Bury MBC

  4. I am delighted that you are to be our Conservative MP in Bury North.

    I would like to ask how you stand on the Equitable Life fiasco, I previously wrote to David Chator who replied he could not help at all due to conflict of interest, so I wonder what you think.

    Are we at long last about to get some compensation after 10 years do you think ?

    Sue Mellor

    1. Hi Susan,
      The Equitable Life compensation scheme is specifically mentioned in the coalition agreement so it does look like this fiasco is close to resolution.

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