Following the General Election yesterday in the early hours of today at around 5am the result here in Bury North was announced and with 18070 votes I was elected to serve as the Member of Parliament. I feel tremendously honoured that the people of Bury North have placed their trust in me. I will try and not let them down.

The campaign has been very good natured and despite our political differences I got on very well on a personal level with the Candidates from the other main parties and I am sure Maryam Khan and Richard Baum will have successful political careers. I hope the fact that I have been elected at the fourth attempt will give them the determination to carry on.

Above all I want to say a big thank you to all those who took the time and trouble to vote for me yesterday.

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  1. David,

    congratulations on your election.

    In comments previously you have stated that you wouldn’t put forward any views on policy here and that “… voters will expect me to vote to ensure that the Conservative manifesto is carried out.”, which I found to be quite a distressingly conformist response. Now that the manifesto has been superseded by the coalition agreement, are you freed to display a bit more of an independent streak, apply your own faculties to do what YOU think is in the best interests of all the people of Bury North? It will serve you well if you seek re-election in 5 years time, if you show yourself to be more than lobby fodder.

  2. Dear David,

    Congratulations, I am really glad you got in.

    Tanya Headly

  3. Dear Mr nuttal I was reading in the Metro newspaper thet most Liberal democrat would prefer a Lib Lab coalition I am a liberal democrat supporter and let me tell you during the past 13 years labour has not done anything in fact they have damaged Britain ok my party did,nt win but I will go for second best EXCLUDING labour with liberal support the tories have a chance more inportently BRITAIN has a chance

  4. Congratulations David.

    I am one of your constituents and I hope you find the challenge rewarding and fulfilling.

    This is a tremendously exciting and momentous day for you, and I hope you take time to enjoy this before the hard work begins.

    All the best,

  5. Hi David, Congratulations on getting into Westminster. I am so pleased for you and know you are just the man for the job. Warmest regards. Sharron Entwistle

  6. David,

    For you to praise your oppoinents and wish them success is utterly emblematic of the man you are: decent, fair and principled. You will be greatly received in Bury North as there is not a bad bone in your body.

    I can’t imagine Maryam Khan would have wished you the same good tidings as it is not in the nature of selfish, ideologically-driven socialists, but you represent the best of conservative personalities.

    Well done.

  7. Congratulations David, a long time in the making but you made it. Now go forth and sort this country out.

  8. David,

    Congratulations, I look forward to your maiden speech.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Nolan.

  9. Congratulations David. After many years of plugging away you’ve done it.At last maybe some common sense is about to reappear in Westminster.

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