One thought on “David Cameron in Bury

  1. Hope you will take a few minutes to read my comments below, and I apologise for not being very articulate in these matters.

    I’ve been watching Nick Clegg in Burnley this morning on television and thinking what a good idea to put himself up front like that, “here in Burnley” and using people’s names when he answers their questions.

    I lived in a staunch Labour seat nearly all my life (Heywood), possibly because of this, I’ve never been that interested or “well up” on politics but I do know what happened to the MP for Bury North in recent months. Then I thought, surely Bury North would be the perfect constituency for David Cameron to visit – I’m right in saying BN used to be Conservative not that many years ago? Anyway, now I see he came last week and I missed it!

    I’m single (long divorced) and have always had to work to earn as much as possible, and I have never had any concessions. I have no children or dependants so the main concerns I have are with crime, immigration, pensions. I have always thought – very simply – that the Conservatives look after people who look after themselves; Labour look after people who don’t, or can’t. I think I still believe this which is why I’ll be voting Conservative this Thursday; the only other time I voted in a General Election was for Mrs Thatcher and I can tell you, as one Conservative in a whole company of militant Labour voters, I kept my head down!

    Anyway, sorry I’ve waffled on. I’m thinking we need a good shake up and hopefully David Cameron is the one to do it.


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