Rammy On line Question Time

This evening I joined the Liberal Democrat and Labour Candidates at a special question time event organised by Ramsbottom on line. There were a varied assortment of questions covering the national debt, schools and the problem of anti-social behaviour. The event was chaired by the BBC’s Arif Ansari and as ever with these events the audience did contain several members who could not be described as floating voters! Nevertheless I hope that everyone who took the time and trouble to attend enjoyed the evening.

Earlier today I joined Baroness Sayeeda Warsi on a visit to a small local business in Walshaw.

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One thought on “Rammy On line Question Time

  1. I attended the Ramsbottom on Line debate last evening – the first time I’ve ever been to a political discussion in the flesh!
    That is a measure of how serious many of us see the present economic situation. It is dire and if the UK was a business it would have to be liquidated and we’d have to start again! The worldwide recession may be a contributor to it but our own Financial Institutions have themselves played a major part in the collapse by being greedy – we cannot go on blaming the Americans.

    Anyway, David Nuttall spoke well in the face of some puerile provocation. Despite the chairman’s jibes about his political achievements to date it’s obvious he has put the time to good use and is definitely on the case.If his political opponents can’t grasp how serious some of the figures he quoted about national debt are, they need to go back to school.

    Ms Khan is a glamorous political lightweight in my opinion, despite appearing to be on first name terms with many in the audience.

    Mr Baum was interesting as well.

    On the whole the evening was very useful and thanks to the organisers for setting it up.

    The Conservatives have a tough challenge in Bury North though. As a recently semi-retired business person and with family running a new small business in Ramsbottom,creating a few jobs, it definitely felt like straying into the enemy camp.

    Anybody reading this please make sure you use your vote. Your country needs you.

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