The Politics Show Diggle Lane and Pets in Need

Today has been a good example of the diverse life of a Parliamentary Candidate. As usual I was up early to catch up on the Sunday papers online and check my emails. Then I had feed CeeCee and take him out for his first walk of the day.

Then straight down to church at St. Anne’s in Tottington for the 10.15am service. The guest preacher today was the Very Reverend Christopher Armstrong the Dean of Blackburn. Despite the service lasting a little longer than normal I managed to get down into Bury to meet up with the film crew from the BBC who were filming a live interview by the Peel Statue with the Labour and Liberal Democrat Candidates and myself for The Politics Show. All went ok and I was straight off to my next engagement.

A short drive to the official opening of the new facilities at the Diggle Lane Allotments. They are a really enthusiatic and go ahead group who have a thriving Allotment Society. Thanks to their hardwork they have managed to obtain sufficient funding to have some organic toilets installed which might sound trivial but for all the Allotments holders who want to spend a day tending their patch it will make life so much easier when they need to spend a penny.

From there I nipped back home and collected Susan and CeeCee and went to visit the Pets in Need Spring Fair at Greenmount Old School. Sue and I have been sponsoring one of the cared for animals Cassie but unfortunately we were notified a while ago that Cassie had died so today we renewed our Sponsorship this time for a pair of miniature donkeys called Blackberry and Bramble. After grabbing a bite to eat and buying some scrumptious home made cakes it was back home to deal with my phone calls.

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3 thoughts on “The Politics Show Diggle Lane and Pets in Need

  1. No David, we can read party policy from a party website. We’d like to know your views. That’s what being an MP is. We really couldn’t care if you have a dog or not. No scratch that, I wouldn’t mind knowing if you’d actually told us anything we REALLY wanted to hear about.

    For example….

    Do you think Mr Osbourne is right to want cuts in services this year?
    Do you you think that an overturning of the foxhunting bill should happen.

    That’s pretty much all I can ask at the moment as it’s all ‘Dave’ has announced.


  2. David,

    Though I am very pleased that you enjoy church, and that your dog has had a birthday, and that you’ve adopted a couple of donkeys, would you not consider including a bit about policy, national or local, and what you’d do if you are elected in a month’s time?

    Should you be elected, which (I am informed) the bookies are calling a racing certainty, there will be plenty to do.

    How will you vote on the issues we’re facing?
    Will you vote to cut services to reduce this horrendous deficit?
    Are you going to raise tax rates for moderate earners?
    Do you believe that climate change is real and man made?
    You touched on the importance of marriage in previous posts – but do you back tax credit for married couples?
    And what would be your private members’ bill if you came first in the ballot in a few weeks’ time?

    I hope I have not been too negative, but I really do want to know the answer to these questions – and more besides. This blog is a great way to get your message out to your potential constituents – but can it please have more substance?

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank-you for your comment. I do try to include some political comment but I know from speaking to readers that most prefer to read about my activities rather than just policy matters.

      I am quite open about my views which is why I have a page dedicated to those matters on which MP’s are given a free vote.
      In respect of other matters voters will expect me to vote to ensure that the Conservative manifesto is carried out which of course includes all the specific issues you raise about dealing with the deficit.

      In answer to your query about a Private Members’ Bill I will deal with that if I am elected and if I am lucky enough to be drawn top in the ballot.


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