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It seems lots of people want to know what Conservative PPC’s think about the environment and climate change at the moment. Well, I say lots of people mostly they are Labour Party supporters who have received a standard email from the Labour Party asking them to seek the views of their PPC. Mainly people are concerned about the state of the economy and what the level of the national debt is going to mean for them and their family in the years ahead.

For all those who are concerned let me reassure everyone that I am concerned about our planet. I am very conscious of the fact that we are custodians of the planet and its resources for the next generation. I think it makes great sense for us to recycle and cut down on the amount of waste we have to send to landfill. I think we should be looking at ways to reduce the deforestation of the tropical rain forest.

The Conservative Party Leader David Cameron has always stressed the importance of enviromental issues. Ensuring Britain becomes a country which makes less use of carbon based energy will be a key task of a Conservative government. Not only is this vital for environmental reasons but it will also mean Britain is in a position to take advantage of the potential for new jobs being created in industries which will grow in importance as the world increases the use of renewable energy sources.

For those who want to know more about the Conservative plans for our environment click here

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