Yesterday was one of those days when I was reminded how lucky those of us are who are not affected by a disability.

At the lunchtime meeting of Bury Rotary Club we had a three speakers from the Speakeasy charity based in Ramsbottom. The charity helps those who struggle with language following a stroke. The fact that two of the three speakers were themselves recovering from strokes was particularly revealing. The charity carries out excellent work and I hope the small donation that Rotary was able to make will make their task a little easier.

In the evening I attended a social evening organised by the Bury Society for Blind and Partially Sighted People at the Man Yuen Chinese restaurant in Tottington. Whenever I meet with those who are blind or who suffer from severe visual impairment I am always impressed by how positive and optimistic their outlook is. I have to declare an interest in that my wife is a Director ( entirely voluntary I should stress) of the Society and spends alot of time trying to raise funds for it and helping in all manner of ways with the administration of the Society.

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