NHS Campaign Day

NHS Action Day 31Oct09 027rev
David with Andrew Lansley M.P.
I have been out on The Rock in Bury town centre today campaigning on the issue of the National Health Service.
We were joined by the Shadow Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley.
Andrew has been twice before to Bury and so he is well acquainted with our local issues – the main one being of course the decision to close the Maternity Department at Fairfield Hospital.

We had a tremendously positive reaction from all who came to chat to us and it is clear that there is still an enormous strength of feeling that a town the size of Bury should have its own Maternity Department. No one will ever convince me that the plan to send expectant mums from Bury down to North Manchester or over to Bolton will mean a better service for them.

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5 thoughts on “NHS Campaign Day

  1. Dear David,

    I hope that you and Susan are both well. I was very pleased to read your most recent article about Andrew Lansley visiting Bury. It is imperative that we keep Bury’s Maternity Department open. My own experience of the department has been very recent. My Wife ‘Katie’ and I were expecting our second child and the due date should have been the 12th of December. Katie went to the hospital on Friday the 23rd of October and she was kept in hospital due to suspected pre-eclampsia.

    She underwent an emergency cesarean on the morning of the 26th of October and lost two and a half litres of blood. Fortunately she was in the right place and had two blood transfusions. We now have a beautiful little girl who we have named ‘Matilda’ and who should be home with us some time in December. I must praise all the staff at Fairfield who helped both Katie and Matilda.

    What if Katie would have been at home and would have had to get an ambulance or be driven to Crumpsall Hospital? I perish the thought! I would hate to imagine any woman or parent having to do this.

    It is vital that the department is kept open and we continue to support it by whatever means.

    I know for a fact that my vote will be Conservative come the next election.

    Thanks & Best Wishes

    Richard Cullen


    1. Dear Richard,

      Thank-you for your comment.

      I trust Mother and Baby are both progressing well.

      I have pledged that I will campaign for the Maternity Department to be retained at Fairfield whilstever there is any possibility for that to happen. It can not be right that a town the size of Bury should not have a Maternity Unit.


  2. Personally, I am extremely grateful that Andrew Lansley took the time to visit Bury to discuss health issues there. He has visited twice before and on each occasion came to Fairfield and showed great support towards keeping the Special Care Baby Unit open. Whilst I was unable to meet him on Saturday, I am aware that he continues to support our cause and I hope that, if the Conservatives are voted in at the next General Election, he is able to carry out his promise to save the baby unit as this will benefit many people in Bury and the surrounding areas.

  3. What do you think about the Lisbon Treaty? Did Cameron promise to have a referendum if he became PM on an unratified treaty, or on the treaty no matter what? And what are your cast iron guarantees on how you’ll vote on Europe if you get elected?

    1. I think the Lisbon Treaty is a step too far. If the Labour Government had kept their promise and allowed everyone a vote I would have voted against it.

      The Conservatives position is that we will give everyone their say in a referendum if the Lisbon Treaty remains unratified. For my own part I can assure you that I believe that we are better governed from Westminster than by the bureaucrats in Brussels. I believe in a Europe of independent nation states working together when and where it is necessary to do so. I will vote accordingly.

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