Bury Hospice Afternoon Tea

Ann Widdecombe M.P.
Ann Widdecombe M.P.
This afternoon Sue and I attended a fundraising event in aid of Bury Hospice at the Bolholt Hotel in Walshaw. The guest speaker was Ann Widdecombe M.P. Although Ann spoke a little about politics she also spoke about her writing and her many television appearances. The event was well attended and hopefully will have raised much needed funds for the Hospice.

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2 thoughts on “Bury Hospice Afternoon Tea

  1. I have just read of Mss Widdicombe’s defence of her fellow MPs and their expense claims. For once she’s got it really wrong. The pont surely is, not whether they were breaking the clear rules of common sense, but whether they were actually spending our money for the sole purpose of fulfilling their duties as MPs. I think that they deserve every condemnation on this. Would I be out of jail had I claimed these sorts of expenses as soley to allow me to perform my job in the NHS?

    1. Thank-you for your comment.

      Ann Widdecombe’s comments are her own and not those of the Party nor do they, on this particular occasion reflect exactly my own views on this matter.

      I have made it clear that I will always have my main home here in the Constituency. I will never claim for food, furniture or household goods. I will vever use taxpayers money to pay for leaflets. I will ensure my expenses are published and I will never forget that it is taxpayers money that is used to pay M.P.’s expenses.
      David Nuttall

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