Radcliffe West

Phew! Busy day. This morning in between speaking to various media representatives I went to help volunteers deliver leaflets in Radcliffe West in Bury South where there is to be a by-election on 4th June. In Samantha Davies we have an excellent new Candidiate who is a Radcliffe resident and is enthusiastic and very committed to try and help the residents of Radcliffe. The Ward has up to now had three Labour Councillors so it will be very difficult to win but we have had an excellent response on the doorstep with quite a few voters switching straight to us from Labour.

I have now had the opportunity to read the full report in the Daily Telegraph on the claims made by the current M.P. for Bury North. Apart from the admission that interest was claimed in respect of a mortgage that had been repaid it appears that expenses were claimed for five different properties. There may well be very good reasons for each one of the changes but I just wanted to place on record that as far as I am concerned my main home will always be here in Bury. I will never change the designation or my second home purely in an attempt to maximise the amount of expenses I could claim as it appears some M.P’s have done.

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