So close!

I have been down to Gigg Lane today to watch the second leg of the Play-Off Semi-Final between Bury and Shrewsbury. Bury were 1-0 up after the away leg last Thursday. Bury missed a great chance to go 2-0 up when a Jevons penalty was pushed rather lamely into the hands of the Shrews ‘keeper Daniels. This was a sign of things to come. Shrewsbury scored just minutes before the end of normal time bringing the overall score level at 1-1. This meant the tie was taken into 30 minutes of extra time. Shrewsbury were down to 10 men after having a player sent off in the first couple of minutes of extra time but despite the man advantage Bury could not press home their numerical advantage and the game went to penalties.
Daniels the Shrewsbury keeper indulged in what could at best be called gamesmanship and what most Bury fans called ungentlemanly conduct in constantly querying exactly where the ball was being placed. The penalties were being taken at the end in front of all the Shrewsbury fans. Sadly, first Racchi had his kick saved and then Bishop missed too had his penalty saved, as Shrewsbury had already scored all their four they had no need to take their last penalty and their travelling fans erupted with delight at the prospect of a trip to Wembley whlist Shakers fans were left dreaming of what might have been and another season in Division 2.

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