Pre-Budget Report

Although called a pre-budget report the statement made by the Chancellor on Monday was in many respects an emergency budget with more changes being made than are often made in the main budget.
The main effect is a £20 billion temporary tax give-away, then almost £40 billion of announced permanent tax rises – that’s almost £1,500 for every family in Bury.

The Chancellor, in one move, has doubled the national debt to more than £1 trillion, and borrowed more than at any time in our history. We now know that Britain will be paying off Gordon Brown’s debt for decades to come. With this Budget, Gordon Brown has mortgaged the country’s future to try and safeguard his own.

The choice at the next election could not be clearer. A record borrowing binge and a lifetime of tax rises under Labour, or fiscal sanity and lower taxes that last under the Conservatives.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

One thought on “Pre-Budget Report

  1. You might have a point but your Party don’t nail them properly. For example why only now are they offering help to businesses in trouble. Haulge Companies have been in trouble for years but have not had a cent of assistance. Phone local hauliers and they will tell you.

    For example Banks must lend and mortgages must be made available. If this is true why have Northern Rock increased their rates once more? Most borrowers have switched away – what the Government wanted – but those on low incomes or already struggling due to the squeeze cannot do so because they cannot remortgage. Is this not the group a Labour Governemnt should be helping most?

    The evidence is out there you’ve just got to look for it!

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