What no sea?

With apologies for the delay in reporting back I am now back from the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. The first Autumn Party Conference I have ever attended that has not been at the seaside. So I missed the walks along the seafront and there was certainly a different feel to the Conference.

I attended about half of the sessions in the main hall and the rest of the time I attended fringe meetings and had meetings with colleagues and Party officials. There was an air of quiet determination about the Conference. No one believes that winning the next General Election will be easy and the new anouncements that were made will no doubt attract attention as we grow nearer the next election.

Finally, I note tonight that Ruth Kelly has announced her intention to stand down as a MP at the next General Election. I am not surprised. As readers of my blog will recall I pointed out last week that she appeared to me to side step the question that was put to her about whether she would stand again.

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