LibDem and Labour Conferences

With the closure yesterday of the Labour Conference there is just our own Conservative Conference left. The Liberal Democrat Conference will I suspect be remembered mainly for the fact that their Leader pretended to be speaking without any notes at all whilst in reality his speech was being scrolled up before his eyes on a huge screen in the corner of the Hall.

Everytime I caught news of Labour’s Conference there seemed to be yet something else which they had decided was now going to provided for by the state and paid for out of taxation but was, of course, announced as “free” eg: free broadband, free theatre tickets and free school meals for all pupils [ starting with a pilot project ]. There was no clear indication as to where the money would be coming from to pay for these policies. I guess the Labour Leader would not be too happy at the fact that coverage of his speech was soon overshadowed by the news that his Secretary of State for Transport and the current Member of Parliament for Bolton West would be leaving the Cabinet soon. I heard her interviewed on radio and despite being given the opportunity by the interviewer to confirm she would be standing again at the next General Election I rather got the impression that she sidestepped the question.